[XEM NGAY] TOP 5 safety features of automatic car door latches.

Using a car but having to spend a lot of time pressing a switch in the center to be able to lock the door has become obsolete and inconvenient at all. With the emergence of modern technology, a car automatic door latch device has been introduced to eradicate that obsolescence for the driver. What features do automatic door latches for cars offer? How are the benefits? Customers follow along through the article below.

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Safety features that automatic car door latches bring you:

– Automatically unlatch the door when parking and the device will automatically latch when someone gets off the car, this Auto Lock device is very convenient and easy to use.

– When the car has an accident, the door locking system will automatically open to help occupants easily open the door and go out.

– The system will automatically latch the door when traveling at a speed of 15 – 20 km / h.

– Stop the engine and turn off the engine will automatically open the car door (This feature is to ensure safety, make sure you turn off the engine).

Automatic car door latches are not too expensive, the price is not too expensive, those who own a car can completely buy for themselves this set of products.

Just install the Auto Lock automatic door latch device on the ODB 2 port in the fuse box with just a very simple and quick operation, no need to cut wires or connect wires. The 16-pin OBD II device port is usually located below the driver’s seat, while some models are designed inside the fuse box.

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