Why should the car throttle be cleaned? How to clean?

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The throttle is the part that holds the air that goes into the engine. The throttle is opened when the driver depresses the gas and allows air to enter the intake manifold. After a long period of use, the throttle valve can become dirty and reduce engine efficiency.

Consequences when the throttle is filled with dirt

The throttle is usually connected to the air filter and placed on the inlet of the suction manifold. Over time, this part will be dusty, when checked, black soot can be found inside the suction throat and around the throttle. This prolonged situation can cause many negative effects on a car’s engine.

Consequences when the throttle is filled with dirt

Due to dirt adhering to the throttle valve, they lose the standard end position of the unit. Thereby reducing the efficiency of the engine, leading to difficulty in starting the engine or overheating. A lot of dirt also makes the opening of the throttle wrong, leading to inappropriate fuel injection.

The dusty throttle is also easy to cause sudden shutdowns. This phenomenon is very dangerous when the driver is traveling on the road. At the same time, due to the wrong opening, the amount of fuel injection is also affected, resulting in more fuel consumption than usual. That’s why automakers often recommend car owners to clean the throttle after every 30,000 miles of use.

How to clean the car throttle

To clean a car’s throttle, a driver can take the car to car service centers. However, if the owner wants to manually clean the car throttle at home, he can also follow the following procedure. With tools: throttle cleaners, car repair tools, replacement air filters, rags, flat head screws and phillips head screws.

How to clean the car throttle

After removing the battery cable, the driver can continue to remove the air filter cover, the air flow sensor and the lower intake manifold. Gently remove the suction tube when exiting the throttle with all the air inlet from the engine compartment. Check the car’s air filter. If the filter is dirty, the owner should replace it with an air filter suitable for his / her model.

Use a car throttle cleaner sprayed around the body of the unit. Wait about 3 minutes and then start cleaning the throttle with a rag. The driver also needs to pay attention to check the inner gas blade to clean the edges, constantly using cleaning solution to clean more thoroughly. After cleaning the throttle body, the owner should remove the damper to clean the inside to ensure safety in the future use.

After completing the process of cleaning the car throttle, the owner can try to restart the car and drive for a few laps to check the stability.

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