When to clean car carburetor? How to clean properly

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Car carburetor is an important part in adjusting the mixing ratio of fuel and air when the engine is running. That is why cleaning the car carburetor is also something that every driver should carefully pay attention to.

Why should I clean the carburetor?

The carburetor is also known as a wind tank or fuel tank. This is the part that mixes fuel with air in a certain ratio, and transfers the mixture to the gasoline engine. The car carburetor cleaning is also extremely important. Because when this part is descaled because it is not cleaned regularly, it can lead to stalling or difficult to start the machine.

Why should I clean the carburetor?

Like other parts, car carburetors need regular maintenance. In addition to helping prolong the life of components, cleaning the car carburetor also helps owners to control their car’s condition well.

When to clean car carburetor?

The importance of car carburetors lies in ensuring the working mode of the engine. In addition, this part also needs a fuel-saving system. As well as ensuring to avoid environmental pollution in new car models. That is why the structure of a carburetor has many petrol lines with a meticulous and complex gasoline adjustment structure.

When to clean car carburetor?

Because of its structure and importance, car carburetors need regular maintenance. If the vehicle owner neglects to clean the car carburetor, it can lead to sedimentation and soot, obstructing the operation of this part.

In addition, in some cases the car carburetor is spilled with water, it can also cause the engine to die. If left on for a long time, it can cause serious effects to many other parts. Car manufacturers also recommend car owners to clean carburetors after distances every 5,000 km.

How to clean car carburetors

When starting to clean the car carburetor, the car owner needs to remove the carburetor engine air filter. Then use a cloth to wipe the surrounding dirt and then adjust the fuel air mixture screw. The driver can try to restart the car after cleaning to check the working status of the carburetor.

Once you have determined that the engine is stable, the owner can adjust the fuel-air mixture screw. Note: tightening the screw increases the amount of fuel and vice versa, loosening the screw will cause the fuel to decrease. Once the job is done, the driver can reattach the engine air filter in the carburetor and take a short test drive to check the vehicle’s condition.

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