When should the rainwater wiper be changed in a car?

The windshield wipers ensure visibility while driving, removing dust, rainwater and all debris from the windshield, so you won’t be distracted driving. In Vietnam, the tropical climate with hot sun and cold rain makes the car’s rain-wipers deteriorate quite quickly. So how do you know when it’s time to replace the wipers in your car?

Wiping has the effect of giving you a better view when moving in the rain as well as cleaning the windshield when it is covered with dust.

Normally, in hot and sunny tropical conditions like in Vietnam, the wipers can be used from 6 months to a year, so they should be replaced to ensure efficient use.

However, you should not time too rigidly, some of the following symptoms may signal that you need to replace the wiper, due to hot weather conditions that rapidly deteriorate the life of the unit:

Appearance of horizontal streaks or streaks on the steering wheel after wiping: The quality of the rubber wiper blade deteriorates due to dirt, temperature and bacteria, which causes the rubber to age rapidly.

There are areas within the range of a neglected wiper: the blade is warped, not pressed against the surface of the windshield of a car.

The wipers vibrate and make a sound when operating: the wiper springs are weak, not enough to put pressure on the wiper blades to press against the windshield of the car.

How should the wipers be replaced for the correct car?

It would be very simple if you are willing to open your wallet to take your car to the garage to replace the wiper. This is a very simple job when it is not required by any highly skilled craftsman to do it. However, taking your car to the garage will make you wait and pay for services for a job that if you want to learn it is completely simple.

The steps below will help you to replace the wiper in your car without having to spend time in the garage to have a replacement mechanic.

On the market today there are many types of automotive rain wipers, with different sizes and construction but all based on the design foundation that uses a steel (or synthetic resin) lever, wiper. and rubber wiper blades (nowadays there are many brands integrating both wiper and blade into one). The replacement can be selected by simply replacing the rubber wiper or if a spring error is detected on the wiper, then both the wiper and blade need to be replaced.

– Before replacing the wiper or blade of a car, the first thing you must pay attention to the model you are using to be able to buy the right type. If the parts store is large, you just need to read the model name and the year of manufacture and the seller can provide you with the right kind of wipers in your car.

– If you only need to replace the wiper blade, you should pay attention to the structure of the wiper blade, the length of the wiper (if the type is attached to the blade) so that when replacing it can be used effectively. Best.

How to replace Heyner Hybrid rain gear for cars:

Pull the wiper away from the windshield and hold it firmly between the windshield to prevent it from slipping into the windshield.

Gently squeeze the wiper pin to remove the wiper bar from the wiper, then remove the old wiper bar from the wiper.

Put the wiper back on the car windshield, but a towel or rubber is required to avoid breaking / scratching the glass.

Wipe your car’s windshield and wipers clean with a towel before you install the new wiper. Install the new wiper bar and remember to check that the center pin, wiper bar is in the correct position, then put it lightly on the windshield.


– You can choose to replace the rain wiper or just replace the rubber wiper blade, while the wiper blade is still usable (enough force to press the blade in full contact with the steering glass surface).

– To avoid damage to the rain wiper blades, do not use the wiper while the windshield is dry. Do not use gasoline or solvents to clean the wiper blade.

– Do not use dirty water to wash the glass, use the right kind of car glass cleaner. Check the glass cleaner (available in the bottle), add coolant to the car regularly to increase the life of the glass cleaner pump.

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