What is tire pressure sensor? Top 05 best sensor types 2020

At present, sporty cars and running engines have gradually become saturated. Car companies are starting to turn to the race in terms of technology again. And technological equipment aimed at the safety of passengers is one of them. In this article, let’s learn about the Top 05 Best TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors 2019. A very safe device is very popular in cars today.

Currently, cars from high-end to low-end are equipped with tire pressure sensors. However, there are still a few people still do not understand what a tire pressure sensor is? Wondering whether you should install it for your car or not?

What if we were moving a car on a highway and the tires were too low or the tires were too tight? It would be dangerous if that were the case and we don’t have a solution. In today’s article, Shop Auto auto accessories will share details about the product Tire pressure sensor and TOP 05 types of best tire pressure sensors in 2019 so that you can better understand and make the right choices to serve your needs and the car’s needs.

What is TPMS tire pressure sensor?

As you have learned and learned, When the tire pressure drops, your car’s tires are very low and when driving can lose control and damage the tire’s structure, leading to unfortunate accidents. out. The tire pressure sensor is a highly appreciated device with a sensor valve that helps the driver monitor and measure the tire pressure and temperature in real time, then send the information. radio waves to the receiver and then displayed on a car’s screen.

To measure the tire pressure and temperature in a car tire, manufacturers use an electronic circuit consisting of a microprocessor, tire pressure and temperature sensor valves, battery voltage to maintain operation. circuit set and 1 radio transmitter. Pressure sensors are usually manufactured in the same type of car valve, so they can be easily installed on all current car models.

The TPMS tire pressure monitoring system is currently the most popular system, this is the most modern sensor device designed to measure and display tire pressure in real time. The device alerts the driver to the driver immediately of any unusual changes in tire temperature or pressure whether the vehicle is in motion or parked. Helping the driver to detect tire problems in a timely manner, to have timely treatment solutions, will save part of the maintenance and repair costs as well as ensure your safety and your safety. relatives to a maximum.

TPMS tire pressure sensor

On the market today, there are many tire pressure sensors with different designs and brands. But tire pressure sensors are still classified into tire pressure sensors into two main categories:

Built-in tire pressure sensor: The tire pressure sensor device has a sensor head that is attached to the inside of a car tire, and the sensor valve replaces the original tire valve.

External tire pressure sensor: A type of tire pressure sensor with a sensor head attached to the valve end of an automobile wheel.

Necessity of tire pressure sensors in cars:

Tire pressure sensors meeting technical requirements will ensure safe operation as well as ability to grip the road and operate the brake system, helping to drive safely.

When installing a tire pressure sensor for your car, it will keep your tires in good technical condition, optimizing the effects of the tires and prolonging the life of the tires.

Tire pressure sensor is the factor that ensures the safety and bearing capacity of the tire, not the material or the structure of the tire. Tire pressure sensor is mounted on each tire and is responsible for sending information to the display when the temperature or pressure changes abnormally, it will notify the driver by warning light.

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Top 5 best sensors in 2019:

Because of the popularity of the TPMS tire pressure sensor in recent times. On the market, there are many types of tire pressure sensors with different origins and brands. Therefore, Shop Auto auto accessories would like to introduce to you some pressure sensors that are quite popular and trusted in recent times.

Tire pressure sensor Toyota KTi valve in:

– Real time monitor tire pressure and temperature.

– The display shows four tire pressure on the screen.

– The genuine Toyota tire pressure sensor screen displays the temperature of four tires on the screen by pressing the button.

– Display showing the tires is not normal.

Powerful functions include low pressure, high pressure, leakage, high temperature alarm.

– Alarm with a beep sound and the screen flashes red light.

– The tire pressure sensor in the battery changes.

– Displays equipped with car battery.

– Pressure notification of 4 tires at the same time, the pressure unit is used BAR and PSI.

Using 4 sensor valves in the numbered symbol of each wheel, easy installation.

– The display is simple, when the alarm pressure changes the alarm bell and the color change flashing light is transmitted to the operator.

– Transmitting signals by radio waves at operating frequency of 433.92MHz, informing the tire pressure for the operator most accurately.

Tire pressure sensor K12 external valve:

Features and characteristics of external k12 car tire pressure sensor device:

– External valve k12 car tire pressure sensor uses touch button, simple to install and easy to use.

– TPMS HQE displays a color screen with a battery life of 40 to 50 days.

– Tire pressure sensor for cars with built-in solar battery, (In addition, supports charging cord in case of using for a long time).

– Use a 9 – 12 V rechargeable power source, connect the micro USB 2.0 port through the car’s pipe plug (Can use the phone charging port).

– Alarm bell (buzzer) and the display is flashing of the faulty tire.

– Display tire pressure and tire temperature (additional tires can be used).

– Display tire pressure in bar or PSi units.

– Display tire temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or F.

Tire pressure sensor tpms K12 valve in:

Product K12 automotive tire pressure sensor The inner valve is also equipped with a vibration sensor that helps the screen automatically turn off when the car is turned off or moving. The LCD display turns off automatically after 30 seconds to save battery power when you stop parking.

Screen Tire pressure sensor K12 Built-in display shows parameters of tire temperature and battery status. Displays automobile tire pressure in units of Bar and PSI. This unit can be adjusted arbitrarily into the habits of each person. You can set up the pressure warning parameters. When the tire pressure exceeds the allowable threshold set by you, the display screen will emit a warning sound to help you with the right treatment. The standard temperature that the supplier has set for you is 70 degrees Celsius. The device will also warn when the tire temperature exceeds this threshold. You absolutely should not try to run when the temperature and tire pressure exceed the threshold because it may cause an unexpected accident.

Product parameters of tire pressure sensor K12 valve in:

Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Pressure range: 1.0 ~ 9.9 Bar (16 ~ 99 Psi)

Pressure sensitivity: ± 0.1 Bar (1.5 Psi)

Pressure temperature: ± 1 ℃

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Temperature control threshold: 25 ℃ ~ 93 ℃

-Use the power supply: DC 5V

Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHZ

– Battery life: 5 years.

TN601 automotive tire pressure sensor in valve:

=>Tire pressure sensor TN601 Display on car DVD screen and display on phone screen has 2 types of sensor valves suitable for customer needs. Depending on your preferences as well as your needs, you can choose for yourself an internal sensor valve and an external tire sensor.

Tire pressure sensor device parameters displayed on DVD TN601 screen:

– Material: high quality ABS.

– Color: Black.

Compatibility: Android OS 4.0 and above.

– Language on APP: English, Chinese.

– Standard waterproof of tire pressure sensor valve: IP67.

– Tire pressure sensor products include: 1 USB receiver and 4 internal sensor valves.

Information of internal tire pressure sensor valve device:

– Operating temperature: -40 – 120 ℃

– Pressure range: 0 – 3.5 Bar (51Psi)

– Pressure sensitivity: ± 0.1Bar (1.5 Psi)

Temperature sensitivity: ± 1 ℃

– Electricity transmission:

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHZ

Sensor battery life: 5 years.

Tire pressure sensor in Honda cars:

Product features and characteristics when the valve is in the tire pressure sensor

– When the car power signal is on, it displays the pressure and temperature of 4 tires simultaneously.

– Provide warning when the tire pressure falls below the allowable limit.

– Warning when the tire temperature is too high.

– External sensor valve, easy to install, install and use, waterproof, dustproof and supports anti-theft.

– The setting is limited to pressure and temperature.

– Set pressure switch from Bar to PSi and vice versa.

– Tire rotation does not need to reverse the sensor.

– Tire pressure sensor When the inner valve is taken close to the sensor screen.

Reputable address for installing tire pressure sensors

Due to the increasing demand for automobile tire pressure sensors, there are many shops selling unknown products with no brands and very high prices. With the naked eye, it is very difficult for consumers to avoid such tricks.

To meet the needs of consumers who want to install, Shop Auto car interior is a reputable address, specializing in distributing and installing tire pressure sensors in the Vietnamese market today. We are committed to providing 100% genuine products, good quality, imported directly from abroad, are clearly tested and the price is always at the best competitive level.

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