What is the capacity of the fuel tank of all types of cars? Which one consumes the most gas

Currently in the car market, there are many more car variants being born with diversified models. Along with that, the fuel tank capacity of these cars has changes in order to provide fuel capacity for the engine and other operating equipment.

Fuel tank is like the human abdominal cavity because it contains “Living Plastic” which is gasoline. To ensure safety as well as create the highest possible performance, the manufacturer team has designed the fuel tank to become tight, the fuel is transmitted to the engine by the tap tape system.

Here, let’s find out with AutoGroup to answer the question that current popular cars have “How many liters of car fuel tank ”.

1.The capacity of the petrol tank of Sedan

As you have turned, the sedan variants always possess a simple design language with equally luxurious interior and exterior.

The highlight that you can notice in sedans is the design of three separate compartments including the cabin, the seat compartment and finally the luggage compartment. The sedans have a low-rise design with windows system up to 4 doors and independent air-conditioning system that quickly cools. The average capacity of the Sedan is about 45-70L depending on the engine, the level of fuel consumption of each vehicle.

2019 Toyota Camry

Besides, in each variant of sedans with different fuel tank capacities, let’s take a look at the fuel tank capacity of some sedans:

  • The first is the luxury car BMW 210i, although it has a limited fuel tank capacity compared to the luxury car of the same model with the number 60L. However, with this number it has been met for this “Box” to be able to operate smoothly and bring a great experience.
  • For example, the fuel tank capacity of some lower priced cars such as Honda Civic Turbo, KIA K3 has a fuel tank capacity of 50L, compared to Honda Civic, this car has a fuel tank capacity greater than 3L. However, in fact KIA K3 is equipped with more modern features, it is not surprising that the capacity of this car is slightly larger.
  • The Toyota Camry is one of the variants of the sedan, but differs from two friends in the Toyota Camry segment with a fuel tank capacity of up to 70L. The cause of this change stems from the Toyota Camry has a large need to use fuel both for the engine and for the modern equipment.

2. Hatchback car tank capacity

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Hatchback is the embodiment of luxury and modern cars, both exterior and interior with sophisticated design lines from the hands of longtime automotive designers.

Hatchback is a development version based on the foundation of two of its brothers, which is the sedan version with the Coupe version. In its new variant, the Hatchback is equipped and designed to add the luxury rear system from shiny chrome trim.

Unlike sedans, with Hatchbacks with only two main compartments, the cockpit and the luggage compartment, the only thing in common in the Hatchbacks and sedans is the design with a low undercarriage.

Toyota Yaris 2019

The hatchback variant cars possessing a capacity of their own fuel tanks below, let us take a look.

  • Ford Fiesta: 43L
  • Toyota Yaris: 42L
  • Hyundai Grand i10: 43L
  • Kia Morning: 35L

3.The fuel tank capacity of SUVs

SUV is a line of sports cars with bold and superficial exterior design, the phrase SUV stands for “Sport Utility Vehicle”.

A common feature of the SUVs is the high chassis design with a wide body suitable for mountainous terrain. The cars of this variant have a design with 5 doors and 3 independent compartments, the cockpit, the passenger compartment and finally the luggage compartment. Therefore, SUVs often have a larger fuel tank capacity to deliver.

Land Rover Range Rover Autography

Similar to other cars, SUVs have many different variants. Each variant is a different tank capacity design. Let’s take a look at the fuel tank capacity of popular SUV variants:

  • Fuel tank capacity of Toyota Fortuner: 80L
  • Toyota Land Cruiser fuel tank: 93L + 45L (main tank and secondary tank)
  • Mitsubishi Pajero: 88L
  • Land Rover Range: 87L
  • Fuel tank capacity of Lexus LX570: 93L + 45L

In general, in addition to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Lexus LX570 has a special design of fuel tank with additional fuel tank, the remaining models of the SUV series own fuel tank capacity that does not differ too much.

However, the tank capacity of SUVs is superior to sedans and hatchbacks. This is why SUVs with powerful engines are suitable for mountain terrain.

4. Crossover fuel tank capacity

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The variants of the “Crossover” line are the cars designed on two platforms of the luxurious, sophisticated sedans and aggressive sportiness of the SUV line.

2019 Lexus RX350 F-Sport

As a common child of the two versions, customers sometimes confuse the Crossover line with two variants of sedan and SUV. Thanks to their superiority today, the Crossover models have won a lot of love from the Vietnamese people, each version of the Crossover series has a different design of fuel tank capacity, let’s find out together.

  • Hyundai Santa Fe: 75L
  • Mitsubishi Outlander: 60L
  • Lexus RX350: 72L
  • Toyota RAV4: 60L
  • Hyundai Tucson: 62L

With an equally competitive capacity design and powerful engines in the variants, it has created a fierce competition in the Crossover segment.

5.Minivan line capacity

The MPV / Minivan is one of the most popular cars today because of its variety of functions, specifically it can be converted into cargo cars thanks to its large capacity.

Toyota Innova 2019

The MPV / Minivan line has 5-7 seats that can expand the luggage compartment, especially the cars in this segment have a high undercarriage design just behind the SUV and the Crossover, convenient for internal travel. city ​​is like going a long way.

Some MPV / Minivan models have the following fuel tank capacity design:

  • Toyota Innova: 55L
  • Mazda Premacy: 58L
  • Mitsubishi Grandis: 65L

6.The fuel tank capacity of the Coupe model

The Coupe series is a series of cars that include luxurious variations with powerful designs coming from the engine system as well as luxurious exterior design that ensures the requirements of a luxury car.

The fuel tank capacities of the popular Coupe variants are as follows:

  • Audi TT: 50L
  • Mercedes GLE 450 AMG: 93 + 12 (main tank + secondary tank)
  • BMW Series 4 Coupe: 60L
  • Hyundai Veloster: 50L

Above are information answers to the question that today’s popular cars have “how many liters of car fuel tank “. Hopefully the information we bring will provide you with more information about fuel tank capacity of different models.

If you need more advice about the fuel tank capacity of luxury cars, you can immediately contact AutoGroup to get a consultant to choose a luxury car model to save fuel, maximum performance.

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