What is blown gasket for car? Cause and how to know

 What is blown gasket for car?  Cause and how to know

The machine face seal, also known as the gasket, is a part between the machine and the body that seals these two devices to avoid the ingress of dust and outside air, but during the use of the washer. broken due to many different causes and impacts.

Today, AutoGroup will join you to learn more about the cause, how to recognize and handle when your car has a phenomenon. “Blow gaskets on the machine face”

1.Inquire about the gasket blowing phenomenon

Gaskets are made of high-grade steel with heat resistance between the engine cover and the tile to increase the tightness when pairing the engine with the tile surface together. On the other hand, the gaskets can be understood as the gasket that helps the two devices stick together.

gasketing phenomenon

Blowing of the gasket on the machine surface means that the seal of the gasket has dropped low, causing the pressure in the engine room to drop, causing temperature and burning gas to emit outside, causing the coolant to be heated quickly. the working capacity of the car.

2.Cause the car is blown on the gasket in the car

  • Machine gasket is damaged, caused by engine heat over and prolonged. As you all know gaskets are made of steel, but there are also thin copper crystals, with its feature copper is a good conductor of heat. When the engine is at a high temperature, the body and lid will expand according to the law of pressing the gasket, causing it to damage.
  • The cause of engine warming is due to malfunction of some parts such as a damaged water pump, which results in inadequate engine cooling. Clogged radiators prevent centralized heat from dissipating heat. When the engine is hot you should check the performance of these equipment to find a way to handle the engine blowing gaskets.
  • Another objective cause that can lead to machine-side gasket blowing is the selection of poor quality products, the use of poor quality gaskets, resulting in poor seal life, and poor use value. Quality is harmful to the vehicle engine.

Typically in this case, the Minivan Winstar of the Ford 1995 version has had trouble using poor quality gaskets.

  • Explosive phenomenon is also one of the causes leading to damaged gaskets, and ignition is the phenomenon of spark plugs that have not ignited. The fuel in the combustion chamber ignites itself because the temperature in the combustion chamber is too high to ignite. When this happens, the pressure in the engine collides with each other and puts pressure on the gasket, which affects the part, and over time reduces its efficiency.
  • There is also another objective cause that comes from installing or installing the wrong washer or tightening the bolt excessively, which will cause the gasket to be pinched and damaged. Or maybe during the assembly process, the craftsman installed the wrong position or reverse the gasket, leading to the engine assembly not fitting and blowing the engine gasket.

3.How to recognize the machine face washer in a car

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When the engine gasket is blown, you will easily notice the following signs: The engine heats abnormally, the coolant is heated quickly and can splash out of the radiator, you can also monitor the heat. The level of cooling water on the meter of the tablo board to identify.

How to recognize the gasket in a car

However, to determine more clearly you should open the lid of the radiator to check and observe if it is true that we have shared very hot water and can jump out of the safe, your car has 80% broken gaskets.

Alternatively, fill the tank with water for the engine to start and run in no-load condition.If you see air bubbles appear in the tank and the water in the tank is ejected, this is the result of gasket blowing. create.

4.Attention when changing the washer on the machine side

According to engineer Le Van Tach, when changing the engine gasket, you need to pay attention to the following to ensure the quality of the engine.

Note when changing the washer face

Do not use other strange weapons to shape the gasket’s bolts, and do not tighten the gasket excessively, which will cause the part to bend and warp, leading to the possibility of water leaking out and reducing the temperature. From there, the engine will have to work harder and warming up will cause damage.

Please make sure the positions and washers are installed in the correct position and correct technique to avoid the gasket deviation leading to the machine surface seal leakage.

To avoid having to break the machine causing a lot of costs, you should choose for yourself reputable and professional repair and maintenance sites to avoid “money loss”. There are many cases when disassembly and repair have made the gasket deformed, resulting in many consequences in the process of using such as dead machine, difficult to start, will have to repair one more time.

Above is information about the cause, how to recognize and the solution to handle when your vehicle has a phenomenon “Blow the gasket on the machine” but AutoGroup has just learned with you, hope the above information will be a handbook for you in the care and maintenance of your “love car”.

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