What is a tire pressure sensor and how important it is

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Tire pressure sensors are devices used to attach to automobile tires. They can help owners control the pressure inside each wheel through electronic screens.

What is tire pressure sensor?

In the US alone, up to 20% of all traffic accidents are caused by car tires each year. In the event the pressure inside the wheels is lower or higher than the standard level, the driver may be in danger of losing steering wheel or losing brake control. Therefore, in modern luxury luxury cars, a tire pressure sensor is an essential and required part.

What is tire pressure sensor?

A tire pressure sensor is a device that is attached to automobile wheels. This device works to notify the owner of the wheel pressure status through the electronic control panel. Tire pressure sensor is a handy device to control the pressure in each wheel, thereby helping the driver to handle promptly when detecting an abnormality in the tire.

How many types of tire pressure sensors are there?

On the market today there are diverse types of tire pressure sensors, depending on the origin that costs range from 1-4 million VND. Basically, a tire pressure sensor usually comes in two forms: an internal tire pressure sensor and an external tire pressure sensor.

What is tire pressure sensor?

The built-in tire pressure sensor is the type with the sensor head mounted on the inside of the tire. This type of device is often used as a tire valve. With the built-in tire pressure sensor, car owners don’t have to worry about being stolen, and also receive a more accurate notification of the pressure inside the tire. However, the built-in tire pressure sensor needs to be removed and dynamically balanced when disassembling. At the same time, they are also difficult to repair, change when damaged or out of battery.

Another type of tire pressure sensor more commonly used is the external tire pressure sensor. This type of device is usually attached to the valve end of the wheel. Easy to install, convenient to replace and needs no impact on the vehicle’s system are their great advantages. However, the external tire pressure sensor is uncomfortable when pumping the tire due to the need of special tools. In addition, attaching an external sensor also has a higher risk of being stolen.

The importance of tire pressure sensors

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Tire pressure has a certain standard that car owners need to be aware of. When the pressure inside the wheel is too low or tighter than the specified level, it can easily lead to catastrophic accidents related to the steering wheel and brake. Not only that, the pressure inside the tire is too low or high, causing tire wear and tear, causing a sharp decline in the life of the wheel.

What is tire pressure sensor?

When the pressure inside the wheel is lower than the standard, the higher frictional surface results in reduced wheel life and more accidents. In the case the tire pressure is too tight, it can cause tire streaking due to the high friction with the road surface. In addition, the tire pressure is too high, making it difficult to control the steering wheel when running on uneven roads. In addition, the uneven tire pressure has a strong impact on the vehicle’s balance, seriously affecting the suspension components.

That is why the tire pressure sensor has become an indispensable device in today’s high-end cars. Installing a tire pressure sensor has become an important consideration for vehicle owners to protect their safety in traffic for themselves and their neighbors.

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