Things to note when replacing batteries for cars

Things to note when replacing batteries for cars

The battery is quite an important part of the car. So you need to pay attention to the following to replace them in the best way.

Currently, lead batteries are commonly used in cars, they are divided into two types: water batteries and dry batteries. The water battery type can be maintained by adding water, while the dry battery does not need maintenance, using all the electricity to replace it.

1. Battery capacity

First you should pay attention to the capacity of the car battery, this capacity is calculated in units of Ah to know how much power the battery can store. Specifically, at a temperature of 27 degrees C, the amount of electricity that the battery provides for 20 consecutive hours before each battery compartment drops to 1.75 volts (V).

2. Understand inrush current parameters

Battery start-up parameters are also quite important for diesel-powered vehicles. An ignition system in a car needs a strong starting current to be able to provide enough power to start the vehicle. In particular, diesel engines need a lot of energy to compress the air in order to heat up the air, and burn fuel for the engine to start.

There are two starting parameters that are inrush current measurement (CA Cranking amps) and cold starting current (CCA Cold cranking amps). Inrush current rating is the maximum amperage that the battery provides for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Celsius, the voltage per cell is at least 1.2 V. And cold start parameters are similar but at -18 degrees Celsius, each battery compartment is at least 1.5V. The cold start current of the car battery is between 150 and 800 amps.

3. The size of the battery

Even if you choose the right capacity for the battery, choosing the wrong size for the car cannot be used. Therefore, you should find out the battery size of your vehicle so that you can choose the right battery for your vehicle.

4. Brand name battery

You should also not ignore the brand name of the battery to replace your car, choose a famous brand-name battery, which is well-known, will certainly have a longer lifespan than products without. name in the market.

However, with long life, the price will also be more expensive, normally batteries will have a life expectancy of about 4 to 6 years, according to the German Technical Inspection Association (GTU).

5. Should exchange old batteries for new batteries

If you want to replace the battery with a new one, please ask the salesman if he will assist in changing the old bottle to a new one? If so, you should only have to compensate more money to buy new to save a pretty good cost.

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