The phenomenon of pumping gasoline in cars is loud

The phenomenon of pumping gasoline in cars is loud

If your “lover” has been having some problems such as the start of the car is very difficult to explode, the car is turned off right after starting or in the process of moving … Now the first thing you should pay attention to. it’s an immediate gas pump inspection to avoid heavy damage.

Here, AutoGroup shows you how to handle the situation that many drivers often encounter “Shouting car gas pump”.

1. The function of the gasoline pump in an automobile engine

If “blood” plays an important role in determining the life and development of each person, gasoline will also play an equally important role when deciding whether the car can move or not.

Fuel pump is a system that connects the fuel tank with the car’s engine cluster. This is an indispensable part that is responsible for drawing gasoline from the tank and then pushing on the hose to provide fuel for the equipment on the vehicle to operate.

car petrol pump

This pump system is designed to be placed in the fuel tank, but in some variants, the pump system is 1 unit located inside and one outside the tank. According to research, experts make judgment according to the variation to maintain pressure in the fuel tank from 2.0 to 5.8 atmospheres.

If this pressure is too low, it will affect the fuel pump process, causing the car to start difficult, particularly the car ignition is not good, the engine works irregularly, even stops the engine.

After a period of using the fuel pump system, dust will cling to the car leading to sediment in the tank, combined with the cold engine early in the morning, it will be difficult to start. If you often have such problems, you need to check your gas pump system and have solutions promptly.

2.Signs of damaged gasoline pump.

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indication when the gas pump is damaged

In the following, we will share more about the specific signs so you can easily identify your car is having trouble with the gas pump and need a quick check to fix to avoid “Money lost “.

  • If you find a loud noise in the fuel tank or gas pump hum you should be on the lookout for this unusual sound.
  • Your vehicle stalled right after you finished your journey abruptly. Then you cannot restart the engine to move it until it cools again.
  • In other cases, if the car is difficult to start in the morning or when the engine is cold at a constant and repetitive frequency that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should also pay attention to your gas pump. The reason may be that the engine is not supplied with enough fuel, which makes it impossible to ignite.
  • In another case, when you go at high speed, the car feels jerky or feels like losing gas, because the engine cluster is not supplied with enough fuel.

3.How to handle when a car is pumped out loud

Part 1: Check gasoline pump electrical system part.

The fuel pump system is a closed device designed in the fuel tank, so it rarely fails, if this happens, it will happen to the system supplying electricity to the petrol pump. Now you should check the fuse box and find the fuse of the gas pump electrical system to check.

Once you find the fuse on the gas pump, remove it and check if the device is valid. If the fuse is burned, replace the fuse with a new one. If the fuse is still valid, turn on the car key and feel to see if the gas pump jumps as normal or not.

If you have replaced a new fuse after starting the fuse again burns again, the error you are having is a short circuit. Take your car to the garage for more careful care.

Part 2: Check the gas pump at fuel pressure.

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Step 1: Check the fuel filter.

The most obvious manifestation of the car when the gas filter is blocked is that the car’s acceleration is reduced, to handle this problem, remove the fuel filter and put the fuel in the filter bag out then use an air gun to blow in. the hole on the filter to let the dirt, dirt splash out, if you see a lot of dirt, you should change the gas filter bag to ensure the car’s movement.

Step 2: Buy pressure gauge.

If possible, you should buy yourself a watch to measure the pressure in the fuel tank, the pressure is also one of the reasons affecting the vehicle’s movement.

Step 3: Attach the pressure gauge to the gas pump test connector.

Once you have a pressure gauge, you attach this device to the connector to determine the fuel pump pressure, but each type of meter has a different usage you need to refer to in advance to use. achieve the best quality performance.

Step 4: Run the engine when you check the clock.

After attaching the meter to the connection position of the fuel pump assembly, you let the car start with two modes of idling and acceleration and check the pressure. If the pump is working properly, the pressure on the meter will change with the engine speed. If the pressure is constant, the fuel pump is having problems and needs to be replaced.

Above are our share of the error “The car’s gas pump goes out loud”, in particular, the gas pump cluster is having problems with solutions and checks to avoid causing heavy damage to the owner. To learn more about the skills as well as some remedies when the car has a problem, you can refer to OTO + Vietnam Institute of Automotive Technology.

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