The Lamborghini Aventador tail-end supercars surprised the people.

The three-wheeled vehicle with a power of up to 445 horsepower is formed by the giant motorcycle head of Boss Hoss, the tail embodiment of the Lamborghini Aventador supercar that makes the car players extremely curious.

If you both love playing motorbikes and are also tired of speed supercars, it would be great if both interests are in the same car. It sounds a bit crazy, but the engineers at Boss Hoss Cycles Germany don’t think so.

They created the most powerful and fastest tricycle in the world, a combination of motorbikes using a V8 car engine and the attractive rear design of the Italian supercar brand Lamborghini Aventador.

Boss Hoss is a special motorcycle manufacturer in the world, based in the US established in 1990. This car company is famous in the world because it specializes in using Chevrolet V8 engine with a capacity of hundreds of horsepower. Therefore, in a unique tricycle called Boss Hoss LS3 Custom Trike, the power of the car is up to 4 times that of the Can-Am Spyder, a sports motorcycle from Canada.

Super motor of the super motorcycle:

In addition to the power of the 6.2L Chevrolet LS3 V8, which produces a maximum capacity of 445 horsepower, Boss Hoss LS3 Custom Trike has a really interesting look.

In the front, this 3-wheeled supermoto owns the head, the fuel tank carries many of the characteristics of the nakedbike line, but the handlebars are generous and cruiser-style. The V8 engine shows off “muscle” that makes the car look very powerful.

In the other half, viewers can almost see a rather strange miniature version of the Lamborghini Aventador supercar with taillights, wind wings, and especially the 20-inch Y-shaped 5-spoke wheels bearing the “bull” logo.

The price of this supercar is not clear when combined with the Lamborghini supercar tail. In the US, Boss Hoss has a price ranging from 60,000 – 100,000 USD.

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