The danger when the mouse bites the power cord of the car

As a rodent that always likes a dry, warm and discreet environment, the car holes, empty spaces on cars and motorbikes are always the “promised land” of rats.

This problem always makes any driver a headache because whether the car is indoors or outside the parking lot is a perfect environment for the mouse. The mouse can enter the engine compartment of the car, then this rodent will not release the soft materials in the car’s engine compartment such as: wires, rubber … causing electric shock in the engine compartment, leading to stalling and causing Spark plugs fire and explosion.

In some cases, the power cord of the car is bitten by this rodent will completely cut off, the manifestation of immediately recognizing the outside through the phenomena: the car cannot start the engine, the lights and the horn are not working … But it is worthwhile. The concern is that the wire is bitten off the protective plastic cover and if not checked and repaired in time, it will be very difficult to detect. In these cases, when the car starts up or goes through bumpy roads, it is very easy to have cool touch phenomenon leading to electric shock. The electric system on the motorcycle is usually connected to the cool body (the negative pole of the battery is connected to the chassis), the vehicle will vibrate when the engine is working or walking on the bumpy road, which can cause the open wire to cool down. short-circuit. The electric current increases, the cores are hot so, in places with high resistance such as the contact position or the junctions, the more heat is generated. Heating temperatures lead to wire melting or even burning of the insulation.

In addition, in a car, the engine compartment is not tight, usually connecting to the driver’s compartment, mice can easily get into the driver’s seat, not only carrying a lot of troubles but even causing unhygienic. diseases.

Need anti-mouse, anti-fire car.

According to most veteran car repairmen, rats are always the main culprit in car fires. The risk of a car fire due to a mouse is always higher than normal, the mouse even nests in x and bites the vehicle’s equipment to make the car more easily ignited.

Mouse to drive in the engine compartment is always a fairly common phenomenon and many people encounter. More dangerous when the mouse enters the engine compartment and bites the power cord, the fuel lines are the direct cause of the car fires. Therefore, anti-mouse means you are also preventing fire and explosion in your car.

According to car repair experts, the easiest way to prevent the risk of fire and explosion due to mouse bites is to regularly open the hood to check the engine compartment of the car, always observe and detect the smell of raw gasoline, the smell of feces. mouse to promptly handle to avoid bad incidents from occurring.

Need regular car maintenance.

The car engine compartment is where the engine and main equipment are operated, with a lot of open space and nooks, so it is easy to get dirty in the process of using the car. Parking cars or humid cellars are all good places for rats or insects to enter the engine compartment as a nest.

Regular maintenance of the vehicle, especially the vehicle’s engine compartment, is always a necessary solution to early detection of open electrical openings that easily cause fires and explosions. Car maintenance is also a way for you to eliminate the dangers of harmful animals, mice.

Often vehicles that don’t get regular maintenance are an ideal nesting environment for rats. If you regularly maintain and keep the car clean, limiting the unhygienic factors for the car such as leaving leftovers on the car, snacks on the car … will contribute to boycott the rat out of the car. Your Car.

Use of moth balls and camphor:

Every time you stop parking or leave the car overnight, drivers should open the lid of the engine compartment and then hang the bag of mothballs anywhere in the engine compartment (avoid leaving the bag in direct contact with the engine surface because it is very hot).

Before starting the car to continue, be sure to take out the moth bag, put it in a plastic bag and tie it tightly, put it in the glove compartment or the storage compartment at the driver’s door for easy access.

Use a mouse repellent for cars:

The machine works on the principle of ultrasonic broadcasting at frequencies in the range 22 – 60 KHz, without noise, and has no effect on human use. The machine will turn on automatically when turning off the electric lock, the price of the machine is about 600 thousand dong, you can buy it at car interior stores.

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