The car has a damaged clutch, why and how to fix it

If you are not sure of the cause and how to fix the error “The car does not have a clutch”. Let AutoGroup refer to the following article to equip yourself with the most effective car care skills!

As a clutch bridge between the engine, gearbox and active bridge, the car plays a very important role in the process of moving and controlling the vehicle. If the car has a problem, it will affect the operation of the car, even your car will not work anymore.

1.Construction of the car clutch

Taper is a clutch bridge between the engine, gearbox and active bridge.

The taper has the following specific structure, consisting of an all-you-can-be-fitted Moay with the primary gearshaft and a round metal plate fitted with studs.

The structure of the car clutch

Structure and operating principle of the clutch system is expressed as follows: The flower groove is engaged and rotates along the primary gear axis, with this rotation the disc moves along the longitudinal axis when the car is disconnect clutch. In addition, the friction disc is combined with the friction coefficient to bring a stable line of operation for the vehicle clutch system, the disc part of the vehicle clutch is made of high quality asbestos with high heat resistance, along with that is a cotton fiber cast in solid copper.

When you close the vehicle the wheel system adheres to the friction disc to the rotating flywheel and the damping springs when the friction disc rotates with the flywheel. Between the two friction disc surfaces, there are also surface cushion springs, which are corrugated or bent. This spring weakens when the clutch closes and allows the friction disc to bend inward for a quieter clutch.

2.Cause and manifestation when the vehicle clutch is damaged

Release the clutch unevenly

The most common case that occurs with the clutch is poor clutch operation, which results in a shock and strong vibration after setting the gear or letting go of the clutch pedal. The main cause of this phenomenon comes from the incorrect adjustment of the clutch pedal or because a part of this clutch is having problems, such as springs, presses …

Release the clutch unevenly

To fix this problem most effectively and safely you should bring the car to the car garage to be remodeled by the maintenance staff according to the technical process.

The clutch pedal is vibrating

If you lightly press the clutch pedal while the engine is exploding, you can feel the system vibrate, but when pressed with a stronger force, the vibration will disappear. This phenomenon signals that your vehicle is having a clutch problem, namely due to an incorrect clutch assembly.

If deliberately let this happen for a long time, your clutch will wear out quickly. If you are familiar with the operating principle and the clutch removal procedure, you can remove and reinstall the clutch according to the procedure and position of this clutch. Because this is a system that operates logically together, it is necessary to install high-tech, when you are not really ready, you can bring your car to the nearest car garage for timely repair to avoid affecting the equipment. other in the same system.

Hit the clutch heavily

The sensitivity of the clutch is considered the detail of interest when entering the cockpit of a vehicle, if the vehicle is equipped with clutch assist and you still have difficulty stepping on the clutch. Specifically, you must apply strong force to affect the clutch, the main cause of this problem is the lack of oil in the clutch, causing the clutch to make it difficult to control.

There is a noise when stepping on the clutch

When you step on the clutch pedal, if there is a noise attached, the bearings of this clutch may be malfunctioning, possibly due to worn out bearings or lack of grease during long-term use. To overcome this situation, you should replace the bearing with a new one or add grease to the bearing to make it work more smoothly.

For more certainty, you can refer to the following check to determine the value of the bearing: First start your car and start gearing and release the clutch pedal or accelerate, if the car works normally without being “jerky”, which proves that the clutch is still working well.

Difficulty overtaking due to clutch slip

Specifically, when you let your car climb or accelerate at high speed, but you feel the car is still. This is a signal that the torque from the engine has not been transmitted to the wheel due to a skid clutch. The main cause of clutch slippage is due to worn friction disc, or oil.

3. Notes when using clutches in cars

If you let the car start with 1, you should release the clutch slowly to avoid the car stalling or stalling immediately, but starting with the second gear, you should drop the clutch faster because the car is now works according to inertia.

In normal moving conditions, you should release your foot from the clutch pedal to avoid resting the clutch in the middle, leading to continuous friction of the clutch, which will wear out the clutch.

To avoid stalling in the middle of the road when the car stops temporarily, you should go to 0 instead of depressing the clutch, this will give you more rest time for your feet while not worrying about shutting down the engine.

For new drivers, you will find the clutch control process of manual geared cars, but if you practice regularly, it will feel very convenient and have more convenient operations than the car. automatic number.

Above are our shares about the cause and how to fix the error “The car has a broken clutch”. Hope to bring the owner of the car to the most useful information and the identification mark of the vehicle having a clutch problem will be an important equipment for you in the process of using the car.

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