[#] Should the rearview mirror drying temperature for cars?

Drying car rearview mirror

During the rainy season, bad weather is coming, you cannot see behind with the rearview mirror because the rain on the mirror makes it difficult. Replacing with a 4-in-1 drying mirror will cost a lot of money and your car will no longer have the same zin mirror in the car. Many of you have asked the question, I do not want to replace the zin mirror of my car, but still have the mirror drying feature like high-end cars, how?

Drying car rearview mirror

Shop Auto offers you a solution to adjust your car’s mirror dryer while maintaining the zin face of your car:

1. Use Nano waterproof spray for your mirror.

>> Pros: easy to use, fast

>> Disadvantage: time to use is quite small, 2 days will lose the effect of Nano spray, so it must be used regularly during the rainy season.

2. The car mirror drying circuit to add mirror drying feature, the car mirror will be able to dry the mirror like other high-end cars.

>> Advantage: low price, can install almost all models.

>> Installing a car mirror dryer will not affect your mirrors or the vehicle’s electrical system. If desired, you can remove it back to its original state.

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Is it important to install car rearview mirror dryer?

A tiny device that has a very important effect and benefit on your car is the rearview mirror. On rainy or wet days, this part is often stagnant with water, steam makes the mirror blur, obstructing the driver’s view, especially dangerous when traveling on the road. Car mirror dryers help and enhance the performance of your mirrors.

Drying the car rearview mirror is a very important job to ensure that the car’s mirror is always guaranteed not to bend and there is no residue of water vapor on the mirror surface.

To ensure the safety of your car, when it is raining or wet, it can be an adverse condition that makes the rearview mirror difficult to see. Using the car mirror dryer with this function makes it easy to see while on the road (even in heavy rain). Or some cars are not equipped with a rearview mirror drying function, we can also dry the car for the mirror.

Genuine 100% genuine automatic glass folding device

The benefits of drying the car rearview mirror are really great in stormy days, foggy early mornings, and the car rearview mirror is easy to be penetrated by water vapor, which condenses the mirror blur, completely limits the reach. the driver’s view, the rearview mirror dryer will work to release condensation on the mirror, dry the mirror completely by the emitted temperature and return a transparent surface to the rearview mirror. You absolutely do not need to use a dry towel to clean the mirror or have to use a Nano aerosol that does not work the best because the automatic rearview mirror drying makes the mirror always dry and transparent, making it easy for the driver to see the road when driver.

Drying car rearview mirror

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