Should a speed indicator be installed on the HUD?

The HUD speedometer is inherently advanced and useful for cars. But besides that, there are many people who still wonder and ask questions: Is it necessary to install a speedometer on the HUD for cars? What are the benefits of installing a speed display device for the user? To answer the questions of customers, in today’s article of auto accessories Shop Auto will introduce in detail the product set of the HUD speed display device to customers to understand. better.

9 outstanding features of the speed display device on the driving glass of HUD cars:

– Speed ​​display: tells us the current speed number of the vehicle.

– Displays the speed of revolutions: indicates the condition of the engine and the car speed achieved. The alarm can be adjusted when the rpm reaches the preset limit.

– Display water temperature: when the temperature reaches 115 degrees C, the warning light will automatically turn on.

– Display engine warning: to know when the engine speed and vehicle speed reach a certain ratio, then the fuel consumption of the vehicle is the lowest.

– Show over speed warning: the display light will flash and alarm when the preset speed limit is exceeded.

– Displays fuel consumption level L / 100km.

– ACCU voltage display: when battery voltage is lower than 12V, the warning light will light up to remind.

– Automatically detect and display the error code that ECU has saved when starting the car HUD.

– HUD alarm sound can be turned off or on.

Genuine high-quality 100% HUD speed display devices:

The HUD speed display was originally a device found on fighter jets. With a transparent screen, it displays data without requiring the user to see the driver’s normal view.

Although initially, the speedometer on the HUD car glass was developed and fitted exclusively for the aviation industry. But in recent years, this device has been widely applied in cars such as Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Lexus or BMW …

With the HUD speed display system when mounted on a car, all information will be displayed on the driver’s glass very conveniently, very easy to see, it makes it easy for drivers to see the indicators and parameters. vehicle performance and helps the driver to focus on a better road view.

In addition, the speed display device on the HUD also reminds the driver when speeding, alarms when cooling water is too hot (greater than 108 degrees C), notification of low battery, voltage Low battery (less than 12V).

HUD steering wheel speed display brings great features to the driver. Therefore, it is advisable to install the speed display on the HUD steering glass for cars. If your driver does not have this HUD device, do not hesitate to install it immediately, to enjoy the wonderful moments that the HUD system displays the steering glass.

The installation of the speed display on the driving glass of the car into the car is very simple, the HUD device does not interfere too much with the electrical system as well as other control functions on the vehicle. Just plug the car’s ODB 2 connector directly below the steering wheel the HUD speed display will automatically detect. (To install this HUD device, your vehicle must have an On Board Diagnostic System (ODB) port. To determine if your vehicle has an OBD 2 port, look at the dashboard with a “Check Engine” light on it, If yes, the vehicle has an obd 2 port.

When plugging the device through the OBD 2 port, you do not need to probe the wire, connect the wire to the electrical system or adjust the complicated speed according to the VSS signal pulse and tire size … this port.

After the connection and wiring are complete, you just need to place the HUD speed display device in the most visible position, fix it and stick a reflective stamp on the steering glass.

It’s simple, right, if you can’t install it yourself, go to Shop Auto Auto Accessories. Here we not only provide speed display device on the HUD K5 steering glass but also specialize in installation, with a team of experienced technicians who will always make customers most satisfied.

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