Notes to help protect the car’s exterior

Notes to help protect the car's exterior

The beauty as well as the elegance of each car depends entirely on its exterior equipment. Car exterior protection is also a beauty for your car.

1. Tires and wheels

Tire strength is directly affected by the terrain surface that the vehicle operates. With the current traffic situation in Vietnam, the car faces strong bumps, tires torn or exploded due to high pressure. Strong wheel shocks can also distort the wheels.
Expert advice: every 10,000km, the tire needs to be turned once, and at the same time, check and dynamic balance. Depending on the conditions of use and storage will determine the durability of the tire.

If the car uses about 20,000-25,000km / year (about 40 – 50km / day), the tires will often wear out before the rubber layer degenerates and vice versa if the car is used very little (less than 10,000km / year). the tread may still be high, but the rubber has degenerated.

2. Light bulbs

The light is like a precious jewelry set to enhance the beauty of the car. Especially in this era, car lights are increasingly diverse and carefully selected by car owners to make their car as sparkling as possible. But not everyone knows how to use and preserve the lamp.The life of a halogen lamp is about 450 – 1,000 hours of illumination at normal traveling conditions.Other lamps such as xenon, HID can last twice as long as compared to other lamps. Halogen and LED lights have even longer lifespans. The durability of the light also depends on the terrain that the vehicle runs. If there is a strong shock or crash, the ball can fail faster or even unexpectedly.

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Expert advice: Fire on the driver’s side is more dangerous than the side because the opposite vehicle is more difficult to see, so if the driver’s ball is burned, it’s best to switch the other ball to if there is no spare ball. or can not be replaced.
Be very careful when traveling at night, even when your vehicle has excellent lighting, especially in blind areas.

3. Brake bulb

On a busy street, collisions are difficult to avoid, but you can be limited when you receive the signal of the brake light of the vehicle ahead. The brake light bulbs are crucial to your safety. Today, most cars still use filament bulbs as brake lights, with the exception of some high-end models that use LED lights.

Expert advice: When sitting in a car and moving on the road, it is difficult for a driver to detect whether their brake lights are working well, unless there is a fault warning system on the dashboard. Therefore, sometimes you can detect yourself by backing up close to a wall (about 50cm) and depressing the brake and looking through the rearview mirror. Depressing your brake pedal in the dark can also help you spot, or best of all, have someone watch it while you step on the brake.

4. Rain wiper structure

In the coming rainy season, the wiper will become the hardest part, it has to face directly with the harsh climate. If the vehicle is frequently exposed to intense sunlight, the wiper blades may be damaged and lose / lose function after only about 2 years of use. The obvious sign when wiping is broken is that the water is not wiped off, the wiper is tripped, or a sound is heard while moving on the steering glass.

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Expert advice: Do not try to turn on the wiper when the glass is dry. Under such conditions, there will be great friction between the wiper blade and the steering wheel, which not only makes it difficult to the motor and the lever mechanism, but also increases the risk of scratching the steering wheel.

5. Steering glass seals and window glass

The hot and humid tropical climate like the North of our country is also the number one enemy, causing the car’s exterior rubber details to degenerate very quickly, harden, crack, and cause a noise caused by the window glass is no longer tight. tightening, at the same time the damaged seal also reduces noise resistance, making the cabin of the car even more noisy.

Expert advice: When the window glass has been heavily dirty, it is important to limit up / down the glass. Even if the window seal is still new, a lot of dirt or dirt that will not be able to be removed will get inside, scratching the window, getting stuck, or dirt causing the rubber seal to degrade quickly. .

6. Paint the car cover

The degradation of the tire gloss paint is entirely due to human subjective impact, even without being scratched. When the car was first released, the paint was shiny like a mirror, but after about a year of use, the gloss paint of many cars could be damaged by millions of tiny scratches. The cause of this is due to improper car washing process or car cleaning when the tires are dusty. At that time, dirty sand will cling to the towel and rub against the tires, scratching the polish.

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Expert advice: Do not use a car towel when the car cover is dusty, but only after cleaning it for the purpose of drying the water. When washing the car, you must use a high-pressure water gun to thoroughly remove the dirt that is on the tires before washing with specialized chemicals. Dirtyer tire areas (eg side braces, fenders, front and rear bumpers …) should be washed separately.

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