Instructions on how to refuel to help save costs

Instructions on how to refuel to help save costs

Nowadays, gas stations cheat more and more with very sophisticated tricks. You should know several ways to prevent fraud, thereby saving the cost of buying gasoline.

1. Refuel according to capacity

Normally, we buy gasoline according to money, and even money such as 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 VND … However, this way of buying will facilitate fraud, due to the phenomenon of “money jump” that Sometimes customers don’t notice.
To avoid this situation, you should buy gasoline by volume, for example: 1 liter, 2 liters … Stolen programs are usually programmed according to the amount, so if you switch to buying by volume, you will have “Chance” to escape the pickpocket.

When the fuel tank is almost empty, the indicator hand has reached the red level, you only need to suggest to pump an even number of liters, lower than the capacity of the fuel tank to be assured that the gas will not spill over the car.

2. Do not fill the tank with gasoline

Put a moderate amount of fuel for the journey, the less gasoline, the lighter the car, the more fuel consumption is also more economical.

According to an auto technician, if a customer does not pour a certain amount of money but refills the tank, there is still the possibility that they will have to pay more than the actual gasoline poured. This employee stated: “With the automatic pump” trigger “, when the gas is filled up to the point of filling up and reaching the edge of the pump nozzle, which is a safety threshold to prevent gasoline from spilling out, the pump column will automatically control the pump shutoff trigger (then the customer will hear a loud click of the trigger).
This can be easily understood because reverse suction of gasoline is to avoid filling the tank full, while in the fuel tank, there should be a certain space for the gas to expand (because of the great heat) with the gas vapor and vapor. excess gas, ensuring safety for vehicles and drivers ”. So, the fuel pump indicator will still run, but the actual amount of gasoline poured into the car will be less than the indicator displayed.

3. Refuel with 1/2 tank left

Should press for gasoline to flow slowly into the tank. When the flow of gasoline into the tank is fast, strong, the gasoline expands more. So, should refuel to allow the gas to flow slowly into the tank.

If the fuel tank is completely empty, when filling, the downflow of gasoline will experience greater pressure, causing the gasoline to expand volume. When the gasoline is 1/2, the distance from the gas hose to the new fuel tank falls and the pressure in the fuel tank is not as much as when the fuel tank is empty.

4. Choose when to refuel

Gasoline expands or contracts depending on the temperature. It is cooler in the morning, during the night gasoline shrinks and reduces volume, so it is most beneficial to refuel in the early morning hours. Conversely, during the hottest part of the day, when you pay for 10 liters of gas, you can get between 9.1 and 9.3 liters, the rest is just gas. Therefore, consumers should buy gasoline in the morning when the temperature is still low. By doing this, you will be able to buy more gas for the same amount when you buy it at noon or in the afternoon.

You also should not refuel while the tank truck is filling the gas station tank. As tank trucks fill their tanks, the pressure in the gas tank expands. Then, you have to buy a proportion of gas gas, gas gas.

5. Self-measuring gasoline

Many users every time they buy gasoline, bring the can to measure before filling the motorbike fuel tank, this option seems inconvenient, but perhaps the most effective way to buy the right, enough gas with the money you spent. .

6. Buy by taxi drivers

You should buy gas at gas stations where many taxi or truck drivers stop. Taxi or truck drivers travel frequently, so they are more experienced in gasoline than we are. They are at the forefront of finding good gas stations, because cheating can cost hundreds of thousands per purchase.

7. Do not buy gasoline when there are 2 people working together

When you notice a gas pump with up to 2 people doing the same thing: one pump and one press the number, there is a 95% chance that the gas station is cheating. The staff may argue that due to the large number of customers, they need 2 people to do it quickly, but in fact, they are blatantly pickpocketing the customers.

8. Request to change meter to 0 before filling

Because of many customers, or because they are far away from the pump, many employees often leave their watches at the previous pump times, and continue to sell gasoline to you. This, whether accidental or intentional, will be you, because there is always an error in the calculation of deducting the price between two pumps.

9. Observe carefully when buying gasoline

Firstly, you can detect the unfair manifestations of the gas station staff. Second, you know whether the gas meter is showing enough or not, whether or not it has a gearshift. Some gas stations have “tricks” to extend the gas pump line far away so that it is difficult for customers to see the clock, you should also note.

10. Checking gasoline quality

When buying gasoline, customers can ask the gas salesman to place a few drops of gasoline on their fingertips. If there is greasy or greasy phenomenon, the gasoline is likely to have been oiled. You can also test gasoline by dripping a few drops of gasoline on a white paper, then letting the gas evaporate, if you see dirt, then the gasoline has been mixed with oil, if there is no stains, you can rest assured about gasoline quality.

11. Make a comparison between purchases

The road you go to work always has fixed gas stations, you can check by buying a certain amount of gas and then check the gas mark on the car to compare with the next time and different gas stations. Based on the number of liters, km traveled in the purchase to choose the gas station feels most confident.

12. Avoid to evaporate gasoline

Avoid evaporation of gasoline by tightening the fuel tank cap and parking in a shady area. In this way, you also save a significant amount of gas.

13. Boycott fraudulent gas stations

Listening to bloody experiences from acquaintances, experienced people is also a way to avoid being “pickpocketed”. Consumers have the right to boycott gas stations that show signs of fraud or fraud and warn others against this fraud, to report to the police if there is specific and clear evidence. .

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