Instructions on how to prevent rust for cars

Instructions on how to prevent rust for cars

Over a long period of use, your car will not be able to avoid impacts that cause it to rust. Here are ways to help prevent rust in your car most effectively.

1. Wash your car regularly

Regularly clean the car at least once every 2 weeks and after it rains to remove dirt, dirt, and acidic rain that causes vehicle corrosion.

2. Periodically polish the vehicle

Every 4 months, polish a thin outer layer of the car once to create a protective layer against rust and corrosion.

3. Avoid spilling water and liquid in the car

The protection against rust is not only done on the outside but also on the inside, to avoid spillage especially liquids containing oxidizing substances.

4. Avoid exposing the vehicle to salt water

If the car frequently runs into the exposed area with salt water and drizzle, you should regularly clean the car to avoid salt corroding the vehicle.

5. Paint coating, cleaning undercarriage

The car chassis is a place prone to rust attack by easy-to-grip dirt and impacts on the road. When the car is dusty, clean the underbody to avoid rust causing agents, applying the undercoat coating for the car will ensure and help protect the underbody from rust.

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6. Wipe dry to prevent car getting wet

When washing your car or when it gets wet, it’s best to dry your car because humidity is one of the causes of rust in your car even when it is covered.

7. Anti-rust paint for vehicles

In addition to protecting by avoiding agents, you also need to carry out anti-rust paint for your car to ensure safety. Avoid priming paint with flammable substances while the vehicle is hot, and prevent rusting paint on the exhaust.

8. Fix immediately when the car is peeling paint

Maybe due to impact when driving on the road causing the car to peel off the paint. When the car is faulty, you need to quickly fix it because the paint is peeled, it will easily cause rust to attack quickly.

9. Check and clean regularly the areas prone to leaks

Pay attention to regularly check and clean places such as engine, trunk, undercarriage, hidden corners which are most prone to rust on the vehicle. Regularly check and clean the rust to ensure that rust does not corrode and spread widely on the vehicle.

10. Use rust remover

When your car has rusted, you should use rust cleaners to prevent the rust from corroding wider and heavier on the vehicle, damaging the beauty and parts of the car.

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