Instructions on how to prevent heat for cars in the summer

Instructions on how to prevent heat for cars in the summer

In the summer, the hot weather can easily cause damage to your car. Here are some ways to help you protect against heat in your car during hot summer days.

1. Park in a cool location, do not keep the windshield closed

When you stop or park your vehicle, pay attention to park in a cool, sheltered area or under a large tree canopy to avoid harsh sunlight. When parking, you should also slightly open the glass to prevent heat shock when people get on the car.

2. Use canvas to cover the car

When you park your car for a long time in the sun, where there is no roof and trees, and you are exposed to direct sunlight, you need to equip the car with a cover to avoid direct sunlight, minimizing damage. of the sun on the car. Currently on the market there are many types of tarpaulins that you can use such as silver / aluminum tarpaulins, nylon canvas tarpaulins, and nylon tarpaulins with an average price of 500-1 million VND, quite good.

3. Start the car before running

After parking the car outdoors, before driving, you should make sure to open the doors before getting on the car to balance the temperature inside and outside the car to avoid heat shock. Then operate the car and then close the door and turn on the air-conditioner, this can help the car cool better.

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4. Paste the insulation film

This way is considered to be quite effective against heat for cars, the film is effective to limit the heat radiating to the outside, keeping the temperature stable.

5. Leather upholstery, leatherette

If you are installing car interior with leather seat material, pay attention to cover the seat with insulated bag or newspaper. Because leather is a material that easily absorbs heat higher than felt, it makes it easier to heat in the car as well as makes the air conditioner cool longer.

6. Regularly maintain the car’s cooling and air-conditioning system

In order to help the air-conditioning and cooling system of the car work well and stably, you should regularly check and maintain the air-conditioning system, the engine cooling water tank to make the components work better, detect in time. errors.

7. Install car cooling device

You can also apply cooling equipment, products for cars such as exhaust fans, ventilation fans … to help the car dissipate heat, cool and block the impact of heat from outdoor heat better.

8. Make use of the available items to cool the car against heat

When you do not have heat-resistant or heat-resistant equipment in your car that is ineffective compared to the extreme outdoor temperature, you can take advantage of items such as books, cloth on the window or spray water on the cover, long-distance windshields in the sun to help partly absorb the heat from the outdoors.

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