Instructions on how to handle the car when the car loses power

Instructions on how to handle the car when the car loses power

A car that loses steering power is infrequent, it can come slowly or very suddenly. However, this is a situation that is not too dangerous if you already know how to handle it.

1. The vehicle loses power to drive slowly

Listen to steering wheel rotation sound: When turning the steering wheel, if you hear strange sounds like “safe”, the vehicle’s power assist system is having problems.

Weight when turning steering wheel: Easy to spot steering system problems especially when cornering. Normally due to the support, the steering wheel was turned very gently, if this action becomes heavier than usual, the power will definitely be lost.

Checking the fluid: For vehicles powered by hydraulic systems, much of the steering problem lies here. If the car is parked for a long time, there are oil stains on the amber, pink or red pavement, it is the hydraulic oil of the steering system that is leaking. For easy inspection, can be lined under the white canvas or paper, plastic.

2. The vehicle loses power to drive suddenly

Warning for other vehicles: Human instinct when the car loses steering power will make the driver panic. But try to stay calm, turn on the emergency lights and use your horn a lot to let other vehicles know your vehicle is having problems, especially at high speeds.

Pulling the vehicle to the curb: If the steering still works at a low level, or trying to pull the vehicle to the curb, not stepping on the accelerator, it will make the vehicle more difficult to control.

Slowly let the vehicle come to a complete stop: Do not lose your temper, do not instinctively apply the brake as it will cause the vehicle to lock and slip. Gently apply the brakes just right. If the steering system loses power because the vehicle engine is suspended or the gas is blocked, it is necessary to apply a low-gear shift or even use a road rail or drag as an obstacle to help the vehicle stop safely.

Restart the vehicle: Then try driving, if the system is back on, then keep moving, otherwise slowly drive at slow speed to the nearest maintenance station or call for a rescue on the road.

Above is how to handle when the car loses steering power. In fact, the car loses steering power, but the case of losing control is very rare and difficult to happen. But if the car loses control, the choice for driver is not much, the most important thing is to calmly perform the following actions:

  • If the road surface ahead is dry, empty, brake urgently to stop immediately.
  • If the road surface is slippery, you need to check the brake, avoid the brakes urgently to maintain control of the direction of travel. Because when the wheel is locked, the traction is no longer, the car will be thrown. Go to low gear to brake by engine.
  • If the road is a lot of traffic or is a highway, the first thing to do is to give warning signals with lights and horns to let other road users know. Vehicles running in the night, need to turn on the warning lights, flash the headlights – continuously to attract attention. Slow down slowly so that the other vehicles have enough time to react.
  • Coordinate the clicking and releasing the foot brake, handbrake, and gear to find control of the vehicle. Prepare yourself to have a collision. If the distance to the vehicles in the rear has widened, the option of accelerated braking should also be taken into account.

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