Instructions on how to handle dents in cars

Instructions on how to handle dents in cars

When in traffic, you cannot avoid sudden bumps that cause your car to suffer dents, losing its beauty. Here’s how you can simply treat them at home.

1. Prepare tools

– Hairdryer.
– Soft towels and ice freeze.
– Protective gloves.
– A thin aluminum foil.

2. Steps to be taken

– Step 1:

  • First you need to determine the exact location and size of the dent.

  • Then paste thin aluminum foil size with indents, use adhesive tape to keep the aluminum foil on the surface where the body is concave. The purpose of aluminum foil is to keep the heat hot when using the dryer until the ice is applied without losing the hot heat.

– Step 2:

  • Next you need to heat up the indent on the car with a direct heated heater in this position for about a minute or until you check the surface of the aluminum foil feels warm, stop.

  • Note that you should let the dryer heat to an average level and keep it about 15cm away from the concave surface, to avoid overheating the aluminum plate and damaging the paint on the body.

– Step 3: Next, after heating the surface of the dent, quickly use an indentation-sized ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth and apply it straight into the indentation through the thin aluminum foil. Warming the surface of the dent by heating and then applying ice immediately will cause a sudden temperature change and shrink the dent. When you apply ice to the dent for a few minutes until you hear a cry coming from the location of the dent, the dent is successfully corrected.

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– Step 4: After you have overcome the dents, you can remove the aluminum plate from the position on the body of the car and then wipe away the moisture, clean the body to help the car clean and remove the previous traces.

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