Instructions on how to handle a tire explosion

Instructions on how to handle a tire explosion

Car tire explosion is one of the causes of tragic accidents today.

1. Causes of automobile tires exploding

There are many reasons why a car gets a tire explosion while in motion, but after all, there are the main reasons that cause it:

  • One is because the rim of the wheels is damaged or distorted … causing the tire to be affected when used, causing the tire to wear, tear, when torn too deeply, the tire will explode.

  • Second, because the tire pressure is not qualified, then the tire will crack, tear, and the tire pressure is too high, causing a lot of pressure to cause explosion. Carrying too much also causes the roof to explode, even completely damaged by the heavy load that makes the tire unable to withstand the compressive force.

  • Finally, the tire has a big nail on the road, causing the tire explosion phenomenon, tire spray when moving.

2. How to handle a car tire explosion

In many countries, when learning to drive, students are often taught how to handle emergency situations on the road, including dealing with a tire explosion while driving. This helps them calm down when handling the situation, not being afraid to preserve the car as well as their lives. This, in Vietnamese driving schools is often not taught. It is best to equip yourself with the knowledge to handle tire explosion situations while on the move, especially when traveling on highways at high speeds, as this can happen to anyone. , can not be predicted.
1. Stay calm, do not depress the brake or jerky the steering wheel.
2. Slowly speed up to control the vehicle, keep the vehicle running straight, hold the steering wheel with both hands at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to avoid losing control.

3. Then slowly slow down as you keep the vehicle in a straight line.
4. Let the car run according to inertia.
5. At this time, gently pedal quickly when the car goes below 45km / h.
6. Turn on right turn signals, sirens … to notify vehicles behind you that you are having problems.
7. Pull over to the curb, get off the car and check if the tire is deflated or exploded. If the spare tire can be replaced, replace the tire or call for rescue.

Be careful not to step on the brakes when the car tire explodes to avoid danger of life, because if you step on the brake pedal, it will lose the balance of the vehicle, even cause the car to turn to one side and turn many turns.

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