Instructions on how to fix a car with a jam

Instructions on how to fix a car with a jam

A car jam is a phenomenon when the piston is stuck in the cylinder and cannot move.

The cause of this phenomenon is because the car uses poor quality gasoline in combination with the user often presses the gear and gas station. Or it could be that the newly remodeled engine runs at high speed, uses poor quality oil, and the car has a viscous congestion.

1. Replace the oil

You let the engine cool down and then start the engine to check if the oil is splashed or not. If the oil splashes up and the car is stuck, the engine is caused by using poor quality gasoline and oil. Now check the fuel tank to ensure the quality of the fuel. Perform new oil change for the car to make the engine work better, fix the error.

2. Rinse the oil filter

When you kick off the engine without splashing oil, it proves that the cause of the car jamming is due to the blocked oil circuit, we need to wash the oil filter. First open the drain plug, at this time, when we just drain the oil we use a piece of the brake wire to run it upwards along the drain of the oil and then stir in this line to clean the oil filter. If the oil is too dirty, you must rinse the grease catte by pouring machine bleach oil and rinsing it to clean it. Then replace the new oil into the machine to fix the error.

3. Clear the hole

In case you do not fix the above method, you should open the hole in the seat. Open the butterfly catte and start the engine to see if oil spills out of the trigger plate below. If there is oil pouring out of this position but cannot push up the valve stem hole, the camshaft shaft is too worn, the oil on the cam core is clogged, and the butterfly hole is not clear.

If the oil does not flow out at the lower trigger position, determine the clogged hole and need to clear this position by. Use the pneumatic pump to pump in to pressurize the hole at the bottom to make it very tight. Turn on the tap air, the steam will blow back to the catte to clear the hole by itself, please perform the opening operation several times to clear all the holes in the machine.

4. Clear the hole with a wire

When the above methods are still not clear, please raise the cylinder assembly, spread the oil to open the hole with the wire. Proceed to remove 4 screws, 2 cylinders, set of snails, orange, and chip. Then proceed to raise the cylinder assembly, spread the oil up to about 15 to 20 mm by means of the brake wire to break the L letter into the hole. Pay attention to clear the grease holes in the catte, clutch, cylinder, battery, orange juice … so that the machine is completely clear and error free.

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