Instructions on how to deodorize cigarettes in cars

Instructions on how to deodorize cigarettes in cars

Smoking in the car not only adversely affects the health of the people around them but also leaves a very unpleasant odor in the car.

In fact, without smoking in the car, this car air conditioner will over time create a bad smell. That bad smell often appears when we first turn on the air conditioner. Therefore, cleaning the air, especially deodorizing cigarettes, also means cleaning and improving the performance of the refrigeration system.

1. Deodorizing in air conditioning systems

It is important to eliminate cigarette odors in vehicles to clean and improve the performance of the refrigeration system.

The most important action in removing unpleasant odors from the air conditioner is to pay attention to the air circulation. Specifically, before you turn off your car engine and air conditioner fan, try to turn off the air conditioner first. And equally important is taking about 30 minutes to open with all the doors and windows open. We can do this in the car garage after the car is used all day.

Both of the above are quite effective in preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. Fungi easily grow in humid spaces and this also promotes unpleasant odors in the car.

2. Cleanliness

To be sure, cleaning and cleaning steps are also required in addition to deodorizing measures. Clean the air-conditioner filter at least every 30,000 km or every 18 months. If the vehicle does not have an air-conditioning filter, clean the evaporator at least every two years.

There are also steps for cleaning the air conditioner as follows:

  • Prepare a spray bottle of 20% scent liquid and 80% water.
  • Shake the solution well and spray it onto the air intake unit.
  • Do this when you turn on the air conditioner. Turning on the air conditioner at the highest level will bring maximum efficiency in cleaning.
  • After spraying the above solution, leave the car on for 4 hours.
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