Instructions on how to cool a car engine

Instructions on how to cool a car engine

When the engine is too hot each time it operates, it proves that there is a problem with the cooling system of your vehicle.

When your vehicle’s engine is too hot, it has a H-pointer temperature warning system (hot) or if you see water evaporating on the bonnet, you need to check the cooling water system immediately. If missing or exhausted, add or replace at home, in case the water line is punctured, need to bring the car to the garage for replacement.
In case your car does not leak coolant, not to the quota of km, you must replace the cooling water, but only lack of cooling water due to not adding water for a long time, you can overcome the following steps.

1. Step 1

Park the car in a flat place, open the bonnet, first to help heat the engine if the car is just operating, second is to refuel.

2. Step 2

When the car is not operating, you can open the lid of the radiator, and the car has been operating absolutely should not open the tank because the temperature in the tank is high and strong water pressure can cause burns.

Check the cooling water in the sub tank for lack of water or not?

3. Step 3

Proceed to add more cooling water to the main tank.

Then there is an extra safe on the car (can use a funnel to avoid pouring water out).

4. Step 4

Check the amount of cooling water is enough? Open the lid of the tank and the radiator again, and test the car to see if the engine is still hot? If you still have advice for you is to bring the car to the garage to find out the cause as well as how to fix it.

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