Instructions on how to check the car air conditioning system

Instructions on how to check the car air conditioning system

When using a car, after a while, the car air-conditioning system often appears to have problems, problems such as poor air conditioning, fan running but not cool …

1. Check refrigerant

Car air conditioning systems need to ensure a certain amount of refrigerant is available to operate. If the amount of refrigerant is insufficient for the air-conditioning system, it will take a long time to cool the vehicle. This is also the cause of the problem of the car’s air conditioner, when the air conditioner has a bad cold, you should check the refrigerant in the system and add refrigerant if it is insufficient to ensure the system has sufficient , works well.

Add refrigerant to the car air-conditioning system

2. Check and clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Normally, the outdoor units of car air-conditioning systems will be installed in front of the car engine, so it is easy to be affected by dirt, leaves and insects that make the system ineffective. Check and clean the car air-conditioning unit to make sure it works better.

The car outdoor unit located in the front of the car is susceptible to dust ingress

3. Check the fan on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

There is a fan in the air-conditioning unit of the car that works every time the car turns on. Car air conditioning system will not work or function poorly when the fan is damaged due to the motor damage, or the fan wiring is damaged or broken. You should remove the outdoor unit unit to check the function of this fan, find the cause of the fan failure that can be corrected.

It is necessary to check the blower in the car outdoor unit

4. Check the vehicle’s cooling system

When the vehicle’s cooling system is damaged and has not been repaired, it affects the air, reducing the cooling capacity of the system, moisture can freeze and cause ice to block the system’s filter tube. cooling, affecting the coolant that does not circulate in the air conditioning system. Check for damage in the vehicle’s cooling system and correct it to avoid damage to the car’s air-conditioning system.

5. Clean the cooling system

When the filter tube is clogged in the cooling system, the air conditioner coolant cannot circulate, making the air conditioner ineffective. Clean and cool the car regularly to prevent the filter from getting clogged and affecting the car’s air-conditioning.

6. Check valves, air compressors, air conditioners out of gas

Malfunction of valve parts and air compressors can also affect the cooling performance from poor air conditioners in cars. When the air-conditioning system runs out of gas, it can also cause car air conditioning to be cold, slow cooling or not working. Check these parts to make sure they are not faulty that affects the car air-conditioning system.

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