Instructions on how to change car tires yourself

Instructions on how to change car tires yourself

Changing car tires is a simple technique that most drivers must master.

1. Prepare tools

  • Repair kits.
  • Spare tire.
  • Vehicle size.

2. Steps to be taken

  • Step 1: Find a flat, safe place to change the tire. You need a firm, flat surface to limit your wheelchair while changing tires. Try to park your car away from traffic and turn on the emergency lights. Avoid soft and sloping ground.

  • Step 2: Pull the handbrake and change the gear lever to P. If it is a manual transmission, turn to 1 or reverse.

  • Step 3: Block both the front and rear tires with a heavy object. Use stone, concrete or even a spare tire to block both the front and rear tires.

  • Step 4: Get the spare tire and click the vehicle. With most modern undercarriage, there is a small notch or marker located behind the front or in front of the rear wheel to place the jack. For most trucks or older vehicles, find a place to place the jack on one of the frame beams, just behind the front wheel or in front of the rear wheel. Place the jack under the car underneath the tire that needs to be replaced. Make sure the jack comes in contact with the metal part of the chassis. Many vehicles have molded plastic parts underneath them. Failure to place the jack in the right place will break the plastic when the car is lifted. If in doubt, read the instruction manual.

  • Step 5: Lift the jack until the device becomes a pillar. Size should stand firmly in place. Check that the jack is perpendicular to the ground.

  • Step 6: Remove the wheel shaft cover and loosen the screws by turning anticlockwise. Use the wrench in the ride kit or a standard cross. The wrench can be of different sizes to open different buttons. A properly sized spanner will make it easier to remove the screws. Don’t take it all apart, just break the drag. By keeping the wheel in contact with the ground when you loosen the first screws, you’ll actually turn the screw instead of turning the wheel. This can be laborious, so it can take up body weight or have to step on the wrench and ensure the correct direction.

  • Step 7: Lift the jack to lift the wheel off the ground. It must be raised high enough to be able to remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire. When lifting the jack, make sure the vehicle is still standing. If you notice any instability, lower the jack and handle the problem before continuing to lift the car. If the jack is angled or tilted, lower and reset.

  • Step 8: Turn anticlockwise until the screws are completely loosened. Repeat with all nuts, then completely remove the old tire.

  • Step 9: Install the new tire in the correct position. Insert the nut and tighten it. Lower the car jack down and then check again.

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