Instructions on how to change car headlights

Instructions on how to change car headlights

When moving at night, your car’s light bulb burns. Then how will you overcome?

1. Prepare tools

– A screwdriver.
– Gloves, clean cloth.
– New headlights (note always have spare headlights in your car).

2. Steps taken.

  • Step 1: Find a holder.
    After detecting that the headlight of our car is on fire, we need to stop the car and open the cap to locate the lamp holder. Normally, the socket is shaped in a convex cylindrical shape, placed on both sides of the cap, with electrical wires connected to the socket. Many vehicles have a rubber cap that protects the cap, which you need to remove. Usually only need to be removed by hand, but some are fixed with screws, a screwdriver must be used


  • Step 2: Remove the lamp holder.
    Often the socket will have a plastic, metal handle or some with a threaded lid. With plastic, you need to press down a lever on the top of the socket to get the holder. Metal latch, you need to pull out the metal clip. As for threaded cap, just screw the thread out.

  • Step 3: Remove the burned headlamp.
    Grabbing the hilt, remove the burning headlight bulb. There are some vehicles that require a slight turn to remove the light bulb.

  • Step 4: Replace the headlights with a new one.
    Install a new bulb in the lamp holder, then reattach the headlamp position, then reinstall the removed parts. Note should be done carefully to correct the mounting grooves, not to let the rubber gasket protrude. In addition, hands should be wiped using a clean hand-lined cloth to install the bulb to prevent oil and grease from sticking to the glossy surface.

  • Step 5: Reconnect the power cord to the lamp holder, install a protective cover, turn on and off the light to check the brightness.

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