Instructions on how to change car battery

Instructions on how to change car battery

You want to replace a new battery for your car, you should read carefully the following steps to do it safely and properly.

1. Prepare tools

  • Hand-held repair kit.
  • Protective equipment: gloves, goggles …

2. Prepare a new battery

Step 1: Make sure the old battery is out of date and needs to be replaced. There are many vehicle problems that make the driver think it’s time to replace the battery, but be alert not to waste time and money by noting the following:

  • Looking around the base of the battery, if there are white or green powders of sulfates attached to it, then cleaning the pile foot, removing all this residue, can help overcome the instability. Be careful not to use bare hands to remove the powder because it contains dry sulfuric acid that can corrode the skin of your hands.
  • Allow the battery to be charged by driving for 30 minutes continuously with a minimum of electronic equipment, including air conditioning.
  • Finally, check the generator. Some vehicles have a battery indicator, with the engine running, the generator usually maintains 13.8-14.2V for the battery when the system is working properly. The battery should have a current of 12.4-12.8 V when the engine is off, and not load any other power consuming functions.

Step 2: Choose to buy the right battery. Each driver should know his or her own battery information to check if a new replacement battery is suitable or to help when replacing at home.

3. Remove the old battery

Step 1: Set up a safe working environment. Park your vehicle on a level ground, safe from traffic, away from sparks or live flames. Pull the handbrake, don’t smoke, make sure people nearby don’t smoke either. Wear gloves, glasses because not only dangerous currents, but the battery contains sulfuric acid electrolyte that easily burns skin or flammable gas.

Step 2: Open the bonnet, use the strut to keep the hood open. Most newer cars have an automatic bonnet that holds the position without struts.

Step 3: Locate old batteries. Most batteries are usually placed on either side of the chassis, where it is easy to interfere. The battery is rectangular in shape, on top there are two connecting stakes. Some European cars, such as BMWs, put their batteries under the carpet in the bodywork, or inside the fenders like Chrysler’s.

Step 4: Determine the piles, clearly distinguish which piles are positive, which are negative with signs (+) and (-) respectively.

Step 5: Remove the negative pole first using a wrench, then the anode. Remember to position the two stakes correctly so you don’t get it wrong when you install a new battery. Always remember, remove the cathode and then the anode. This is because removing the anode first can cause a short circuit when it hits a grounding device in the vehicle.

Step 6: Similarly we remove the anode.

Step 7: Remove the old battery. Not only the two stakes but also other parts hold the battery so be sure to remove all connections before lifting the battery. With a weight of about 13.5-27 kg, this is not a light weight for people with back disease.

4. Install the new battery

Step 1: Clean the stakes and the battery tray. If the pile is too worn, replace it with a new one. If not, clean it and let it dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Put the new battery in, in the same direction as the old battery. Close all connections to keep the battery safe and not moving.

Step 3: Reconnect the stake to the flask. Note at this time do the opposite of when removing, we connect the positive pole first.

Step 4: Next, connect the negative pole to the tank. Fasten the screw.

Step 5: Spray anti-corrosion solution on the piles.

Step 6: Close the bonnet, start the car, check the electronics to make sure everything is working correctly.

Step 7: Old batteries can still be used for many things, so they should not be thrown away and can be sold to recyclers, although the value is not much, but it is a way to protect the environment as well as save costs.

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