Instructions for quick handling when the car engine is too hot

Instructions for quick handling when the car engine is too hot

When you are on the road and detect that the car’s engine is too hot, you need to handle it immediately. If you keep running on purpose, you will cause more damage.

1. Stop the car as soon as it detects that the engine is too hot

When you find that the car shows signs of overheating, you need to stop the car to turn off the engine to cool. In case the engine is too hot and evaporates from the bonnet, you need to open the hood to help the engine cool down, wait for the engine to cool down before checking to prevent heat from causing severe burns.

Stop the car, but turn on the key, turn off the engine to stop the engine, but turn ON the key will help the cooling fan still work to cool the engine faster.

2. Check the cooling system

Most of the reason an automobile engine overheats is due to the car’s cooling system working inefficient or damaged. When the engine is hot when the engine is hot, do not open the radiator cap or check the system, let the engine cool for a while before checking to avoid being burned by the heat. Pay attention to check that the damaged cooling system is leaking coolant out of the engine.

If necessary, add coolant or fresh water as needed to ensure and prevent the engine from overheating before taking the car to the garage for inspection and repair.

3. When the vehicle cannot be stopped

If you are on the road without stopping or stopping immediately, turn off the air conditioning system. Because the car air-conditioning system will overload the engine and cause heat faster.

You can also now turn on the car’s heating system and move the propellers out the window as much as possible. The heating system takes some of the heat from the car engine to convert it into heat, so it can help dissipate heat when the engine is too hot.

4. Slow down

When the engine shows signs of overheating, then you should slow down at a steady speed and regularly check the temperature indicator on the batch tab for the temperature level. If the temperature is still high, you need to stop and repair the engine, not going on will cause more serious damage.

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