Instruction on maintenance after buying a used car

Instruction on maintenance after buying a used car

You have just bought an old car, do the following to keep it running smoothly and avoid damage.

1. Oil change

The first thing, after buying a used car, you should change the oil for the car, even if the owner says that the oil has been changed. Then schedule a maintenance monitoring and change the car oil, making maintenance monitoring more accurate.

2. Check air filter and air conditioner

Next is the air filter and the car’s air conditioning should also be carefully checked. Many old cars filter the air and the air conditioner is quite dirty due to dust, please replace the engine air filter, air conditioner filter or bring the car to a reputable garage for technicians to check the problem of the air filter. and air conditioning in the best way because it may be necessary to replace the air filter but also need a gas pump.

3. Check the tire brake system

The brakes and tires are important parts to check, and it helps to ensure the safety of the driver. Check brake pads, brake pads wear, tire wear. It is best to take the car to the garage for full brake system maintenance and tire changes if necessary.

4. Align the wheel precision

In older cars, the tread may be skewed, so check and align the wheel precision to ensure the safety of the driver. Because if the car deflects causing tire wear, steering … quite dangerous. Currently, many garages have a pretty good alignment system, you can completely rest assured when aligning.

5. Cleaning car interior and exterior

Finally, clean the interior, wash the car exterior. Then clean the car’s engine compartment to make the car newer and cleaner to use.

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