How to detect broken car gearbox

How to detect broken car gearbox

Through the process of using your gearbox will be damaged and you need to know the signs to be able to repair in time.

1. Difficult to enter gears, shift gears

With a manual gearbox, the design is extremely simple, but often encounter the phenomenon of difficulty in gearing, or shifting gears. For example, switching from mo to 1 or switching between different numbers even though you have cut the clutch and leveraged the lever. This sign partly shows that your transmission oil is exhausted, dirty, it is possible to use improper oil or the clutch has not been properly adjusted.

2. It smells of burning oil

– If you smell burning oil, the transmission is very hot because of excess heat. Transmission oil serves to lubricate the moving parts and further dissipate the heat for them. The reason for this phenomenon is because the details in the system are misaligned, the oil has low viscosity.

– In addition, the smell of burning on a manual transmission vehicle can also be caused by the user using an inappropriate clutch to make a large clutch friction, creating a bad smell.

3. The gearbox has a loud and vibrating noise

You can hear a loud noise when the truck does not load from the transmission, it is time to change the transmission oil. However, this is also caused by worn gear bearings in gearboxes and damaged gaskets. This is a serious damage that should be fixed immediately.

4. Slide the number

The phenomenon of slippage is an extremely dangerous symptom, causing the driver to lose control, especially in emergency situations. Maybe while running a car automatically shifting gears or going to mo… dragging the car, the engine roars, causing the driver to panic and lose his temper very dangerously.

5. Cannot cut the clutch

For those who are using a manual transmission, this phenomenon is really an obsession. Even if you depress the clutch pedal fully, the clutch is not cut completely, causing the leaves to be pressed against the flywheel when shifting gears, causing strange noises. Fortunately, this phenomenon is simply corrected by simply adjusting the travel distance of the clutch pedal.

6. Transmission oil leaks

If your car has a transmission oil leak, then the transmission has a problem. Therefore, when you see oil leaks under the car, quickly bring the car to check.

7. The dynamic test indicator light is on

This indicator light system will light up when the engine as well as the transmission system of the car has any failure. However, the gearbox has problems, this indicator light will also light up. To find out why the engine lights are on, you need to have your car checked.

8. The transmission makes strange and insensitive noises

When you put in a gear that feels ineffective, or the vehicle makes a strange noise, the clutch leaves may have worn out. Or it could be for many other reasons as well. To fix this you need to bring the car to check.

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