How to detect broken car brake signs

How to detect broken car brake signs

How do I know if a car brake is broken and needs to be replaced? Here are a few signs to help you realize that.

1. The broken brake signals need to be repaired or replaced

– The brake light is constantly on, the vehicle is shaken, vibrated when braking.

– The brake does not eat, the pedal is shaking, the pedal is pressed against the board, there is a screech sound when braking.

2. Damaged parts of the automobile brake system

– After experiencing the above phenomena, you will have to have your car checked to replace the damaged parts. These include repairing or replacing leaky cylinders, leaking brake lines or replacing brake pads.

– In addition, there are other faults that must be replaced such as: brake pads, brake seat and severely damaged, replace the entire brake system.

3. The use of the brake is more durable

Change brake fluid when the car has run 20 to 25 thousand miles. Periodically check the brake system, re-sharpen the rotor according to a periodic inspection schedule. And above all, when the car has a phenomenon, bring reputable garage immediately.

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