How to detect a damaged car brake

How to detect a damaged car brake

In the process of working for a long time, subject to many high pressure and temperature due to friction, causing the automobile brake system to be damaged.However, the brake failure is not normally observable but must be recognized through Signs when operating the vehicle.

1. Press the brake and see a squeak

– When you step on the brake pedal, there is a squeaking sound, it is a sign that the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. The cause of the noise is that the brake pads are too worn, the metal bar in contact with the brake disc surface makes such a sound.
– Or maybe because the brake pads are poor, the brake shoes are not the right type when replaced, so it is not concentric, or due to spring break in the brake mechanism. Now you need to check and fix the brake system and replace the brake pads with a new brake function to avoid danger while driving.

2. Vehicle vibrates and makes braking noise

This phenomenon is caused by the uneven contact between the disc surface and the brake pads, unbalanced wheels, uneven brake pads wear or caused by disc warping when braking. If you find such signs when braking, you need to quickly take the car to the repair garage to maintain the brake disc and brake system otherwise, the consequences are difficult to foreseen when the brake system is not working effectively.

3. Depressing on the brake pedal, feeling of not eating, sometimes suddenly losing grip

This condition is caused by leaking brake fluid or damaged oil pipe causing the oil pressure in the brake system to drop dramatically, causing brake to lose grip. Check the oil line, brake fluid box and brake system to find out the cause of quick fixes to improve brake function if you want to continue operating the vehicle safely.

4. Depressing on the brake pedal feels heavy

The cause of this phenomenon is due to the open or damaged brake vacuum system of the brake unit causing pressure difference when the brake pedal is supported. If you detect this situation, you should check the car and re-seal the vacuum power system of the brake unit or replace it with a new system.

5. Bundle the brake

If you move the car and then use the brake after releasing the brake pedal but the car does not slide like before, it feels like there is drag and must increase the throttle to escape. The reason is that the brake system is stuck. To solve this, check, clean and lubricate the brake to work properly again.

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