How to clean gasoline injectors in the right way

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Car cleaning is extremely important. Well-cleaned fuel injectors can maximize fuel economy and keep cars more durable. But to clean gasoline injectors also need to know how.

Why do I need to clean gasoline injectors?

The fuel injector is the part responsible for filling the combustion chamber when the driver starts the car. If the car injector is clogged, it will be more difficult to start the car. Through long-term operation without proper cleaning, the fuel injector will form soot and dirt, thereby causing choking. At this time, gasoline will not be sprayed into a mist, but streamed into the combustion chamber, causing bad engine damage.

cleaning car fuel injectors

When using cars on the road, car fuel injectors are parts that inject gasoline directly into the combustion chamber for the engine to function well. Expert advice for car owners on gasoline injector cleaning is to do this every 15,000km used.

Cleaning the fuel injector is quite important because this part has a strong impact on other parts of the car. If the fuel injector is blocked, the engine performance will be significantly affected. From there, the exhaust fumes from cars will increase because the fuel burn does not end when the gas needle is turned off.

Signs of gasoline injectors need to be cleaned urgently

There are many obvious signs that the fuel injectors need to be cleaned. Signs include: engine noise is louder due to insufficient amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber, and causing the driver to press the gas harder. The smoke is emitted more than usual because carbon black clogs the injector. The engine is weak, the engine starts up more slowly than normal. The engine efficiency is weak and the gas runs out faster than usual.

cleaning car fuel injectors

When detecting the above signs, the driver should take the car to check the car’s fuel injector to be cleaned in time.

How to clean gasoline injectors

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There are two ways to clean car fuel injectors: rinse directly or use a special solution.

The driver can remove the fuel injector in the car and use the liquid to pour in through the gas pipe. Or gently and meticulously rinse the injector. However, direct rinsing can cause the surrounding rubber to loosen and need to be replaced. That is why the car manufacturers often recommend that customers should only rinse directly after having run the distance of 50,000 km.

For the use of a dedicated solution to clean the car’s fuel injector, the owner needs to know the type of solution that is suitable for the type of vehicle he is using. Normally, with a dedicated solution, it will be divided into two ways: Pour straight into the fuel tank with a certain ratio or pass the gas pipeline into the injector.

Cleaning the car fuel injector is a must and should be taken into account, in order to keep your car lasting longer as well as avoid unwanted situations.

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