How to choose car floor mats

Car floor mats can be dangerous to the driver if they do not know how to choose the right one.

On the Chaderghat area’s police fanpage (Hyderabad, India) posted a video of a car crashing under the floor mats, not resilient to its original position.

This video warns that improper use of low-cost car mats for a car can result in unintended risks.

A car floor mat is equipped with a cleaning function in the interior of a car. After a period of use, many people have the need to change the carpet to suit the purpose of use, with high aesthetics or better quality. Choosing a car’s floor mat depends on two factors: its use and the cost of the carpet. Car owners should be aware of the following:

Choose floor mats by car:

In Vietnam today, car floor mats have two main options: floor mats are cut according to customer requirements and floor mats are designed for each specific vehicle. Mr. Diem Dang Phuong, Director of a genuine car care center – car accessories – car toys in Hanoi, said the cost for each type of car floor mats is not fixed, depending on the area of floor, sedan or SUV … as well as the quality of each type of carpet made of rubber, felt or leather.

It is necessary to choose carpets that fit the car floor, not affecting the accelerator, brake, and clutch.

Vehicle-based floor mats are a safer choice, because these products are tailored to each vehicle, with no extra space on the floor mat. Especially the important position in the driver’s seat, the floor mat contacts with the clutch pedal, accelerator and brake are all gaps, to avoid becoming obstacles for the driver of the car.

Optional cutting mats are very popular and especially among those with low finances. Customers often choose this type of carpet with the advantage of being customized according to customer requirements, low price. But quality and risks are always hidden.

The cutting mat is usually not in a size corresponding to the driver’s seat design, which can cause the carpet to move, affecting the pressure of the accelerator, brake pedal, and easily cause loss of safety.

Regularly check car floor mats:

All drivers need to practice the habit of checking car floor mats before each journey, especially for cut carpets, the surface of which does not cover the driver’s feet.

Plastic floor mats, rubber floor mats or car felt rugs, if there is no suction or spikes on the surface in contact with the floor, are often easy to slide up or down due to the impact of the driver’s feet. During long-term use, under the impact of heat or outside the impact, it can cause carpet deformation.

Regular rubber or plastic mats may slide up and down during use.

Drivers should pay close attention to avoid car floor mats blocking the brake, accelerator or clutch pedal.

Safety always prioritizes:

The cost for a set of carpets for a car can range from several hundred thousand to several million dong, which determines the quality and aesthetic factors. car or cut the carpet at will but spread out the leg area evenly.

Choose carpets with many spikes, fixed position buttons to avoid moving

Priority should be given to carpets with a fixed button, suction or many spikes on the surface in contact with the floor. The purpose is to prevent unintentional movement of the floor mat, which can affect the position of the clutch pedal, the accelerator pedal and the vehicle brake.

Types of car floor mats popular on the market today:

In the auto accessories market today, besides common plastic floor mats with low prices, the three main types of car floor mats are rubber floor mats, felt floor mats and high quality PU leather. The price depends on the material and the aesthetics of each type of carpet. Carpets3D, 4D, 5D and 6D is the manufacturer’s term to distinguish between design and quality.

Rubber floor mats:

Rubber floor mats have the advantages of waterproof, easy to clean, durable and relatively low cost. However, heat resistance depends on the quality of installation costs. This type of floor mat is quite popular on popular cars today.

A custom-cut rubber mat in the car.

Carpet floor felt:

The felt floor mat is more resistant to heat, absorbs heat and prevents dust from spreading in the car than rubber mats. However, this type of carpet is moisturizing, very oil-repellent and difficult to clean. In hot and humid conditions in Vietnam, using felt mats for a long time can cause unpleasant odors inside the car.

The felt mat has a button for the car.

Leather floor mats for high-end 6D cars:

The leather floor mats for high-end 6D cars are commonly used in almost all types of cars. The leather floor mat for this high-end 6D car costs two to three million dong or more. This product has high aesthetics, increasing the elegance of cars.

Leather floor mats for high-end 6D cars


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