Guide to overcome car wheel island situation

Guide to overcome car wheel island situation

The phenomenon of a car reversing will be very dangerous while on the road. You need to know the causes and the fastest way to fix the situation of a car wheel reversal.

1. Due to an unbalanced tire or weight loss

When the tire is unbalanced, it will vibrate with increasing speed when the car is traveling at higher speed and the swinging situation in the wheel will increase gradually, making it very dangerous to handle the situation while driving. the car did not notice. To overcome this, proceed to take the car to the garage and rebalance the wheels.

2. Mud clinging tires

The reason that the car’s wheel is turned is also very simple, maybe because you ride on the road with a lot of dirt sticking to it, causing the wheel to lose friction, turn the wheel. The simple fix is ​​to clean the car and get dirt on the tires.

3. The wheel is bent and deflected

If you balance the wheel and still have the wheel reversal, the reason is that the bridge is bent due to the collision or when running the vehicle, there is an impact on the vehicle, resulting in the wheel deflection. To accurately check if the bridge is skewed or not, you must hook a meter to the suspension system of the vehicle and then measure the reversal vibration of the wheel when rotating to determine.

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4. Defective tire damage

Where the possibility of further failure is due to a faulty tire in the tread or tread gap with a manufacturing defect, the rubber layers and tread surfaces leak air through the rubber lining causing the tire to split, when running to the wheel island. How to fix it, please replace a quality tire to ensure safety when driving to avoid dangers.

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