Guide to overcome black smoke exhausting cars

Guide to overcome black smoke exhausting cars

The situation of cars emitting black smoke not only pollutes the environment but also causes serious damage to the car if it is not quickly overcome.

1. The engine wind filter is dirty or damaged

If the engine air filter is dirty or damaged, it will cause dirt to enter the air and the combustion chamber will cause the operating vehicle to release black smoke. Clean and replace your car’s engine air filter regularly

2. The fuel injector is damaged or blocked

It is possible that the fuel source is dirty, when the injector is not cleaned for a long time, it causes the injector to block and stick so that the combustion chamber has dirt when burning fuel for the engine and emits black gas. To fix the problem, clean the injector or replace the fuel injector to fix the error and help save fuel and protect the car’s combustion engine.

3. The high-pressure rice set is clogged or damaged

Damaged high-pressure pump causes insufficient pressure, fuel injected into the combustion chamber does not mix well with air and burns not completely, resulting in black emissions during operation. The fix is ​​to replace the high pressure pump and clean the fuel filter to make sure.

4. Sticky spark plugs

When the air filter is not good, using the car for a long time will cause the spark plug to become so black when the ignition is working, causing the vehicle to smoke black. In this case, it is best to check the air filter and replace the new spark plug for the car, partly to overcome the black smoke, partly to help the car ignition system work better.

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5. Due to poor air, tight ring, worn cylinder

When the compressed air pressure has not reached the value needed to completely burn diesel, causing excess fuel and emitting through the combustion engine to create black smoke due to poor steam, wear of cylinders … you Use a gauge to check the pressure in the combustion chamber to know the correct part that caused the failure and fix it.

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