Guide to opening the car door when forgetting the key

Guide to opening the car door when forgetting the key

Sometimes we forget the keys in the car and the door is locked. The following tip will help you handle such case.

1. Open the car door

While it is often illegal to have a car unlocking device (a special metal tool that helps open a car door), you can do the same with a metal clothes hanger. hard type. If you leave your car keys in your car but you are near a grocery store or near a friend’s house with a clothes hanger available, you can avoid the hassle and time of waiting for locksmiths or rescue services. households.

2. Unscrew the spiral and straighten the hanger

You can leave the bend on top, but remove it from the neck and straighten the rest, you will have a metal tool with a bent hook tip.

3. Turn the plastic stopper at the base of the glass panel on the side of the steering wheel window

Turn off the plastic stopper so the hook can be inserted.

4. Insert the hook end into the car door lock

Slide the hook end of the hanger through the rubber lining and the bottom of the door glass. The hook will be on the inside of the car door.

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5. Turn the hook around to find the latch

This is usually about 10 cm from the car window, near the interior door lock.

6. Get in and pull the latch

– Pass the hook over the latch and pull it towards the rear of the car. This way most car locks can be manually unlocked.

– If your car door has an electric button to open the electric door, you can also thread the lower part of the hanger from the top of the door, and use it as a finger to press the inside button.

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