Guide to handling emergency situations when driving a car

Guide to handling emergency situations when driving a car

Emergency situations can happen at any time, so you need to know how to handle it to ensure it is safe to dirty your body.

1. Steering wheel controls difficult

While driving, you find the steering wheel extremely difficult to control, quickly turn your turn, park your car on the curb, to check if the belt of the power steering pump is damaged, broken or not? If the steering wheel cannot be controlled, now you should keep calm, turn on the danger warning, reduce the gear, reduce the throttle, press the horn, signal by hand … and brake again.

2. Vehicle temperature is too high

If you are driving, you find the vehicle’s temperature is too high, above normal, with a temperature error light illuminating, stop the car to check the cooling piping system. Because when the temperature is high, the main reason is due to the car engine cooling system.

If you check if the drive belt connected to the pump is broken, do not drive. Otherwise, wait 30 minutes for the engine to return to normal, then continue driving and need to have your car checked right away. If the clock still shows the temperature light, it is best to call for rescue, avoid driving fire, explosion, engine failure.

3. The situation of brake failure while driving

If you are driving a car, you have a brake failure, please pay attention to the following actions: Stay calm, slow down the gear, reduce the gas pedal, then turn on a hazard warning or turn signals to hit the curb. use the brake handle to pull slowly, when you realize that the wheel is slipping, immediately release the brake handle.

With automatic transmission equipped with semi-automatic transmission, if your brakes fail, switch to semi-automatic transmission and use the manual brake. Brake failure is a very serious problem, especially when driving at a high speed, downhill, so you need to check the brake before every trip.

4. Vehicle has a strange odor, smoke on the hood

The cause of the car smells strange and smoke can be caused by oil flowing into the exhaust neck of the engine, possibly due to a leak in the cooling water pipe, coolant flowing into the engine. When you see this phenomenon, you should stop immediately and check the vehicle. If it is due to the two reasons mentioned above, you can continue to the garage to have it repaired, but if it is not for the above reason, it is best to call for rescue, to avoid the vehicle from fire.

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