Guide to detect the clutch of the car

Guide to detect the clutch of the car

The car clutch system is also known as the clutch. If an error occurs, it will cause great danger to the operator.

1. The bike pedal is heavy

– If the vehicle is heavily attached to the clutch, and even when the teeth are ground to get into the clutch, the clutch is likely to lack oil.

– How to fix: You can add it yourself, change the oil at home, or you can bring an extra garage.

2. The vehicle is jerky when the clutch is released

– If you see the car’s engine vibrating, jerking strongly when you put in gear and release the clutch, then surely the clutch is having problems.

How to fix: You need to carry out a car immediately to check at a reputable garage because this situation is very dangerous. Maybe your car clutch is not correct, or even worse, the clutch is broken with some part. In addition, broken shock absorber springs, cracked press bench … are also the cause of this situation.

3. Difficulty in numbering

– The status of the clutch pedal is depressed all the way, but it is still difficult to get into gear, this proves that the clutch is poorly cut, not finished.

How to fix: Take the car to the garage and adjust the clutch pedal.

4. The clutch pedal is vibrating

You can feel it by gently stepping on the clutch pedal while the engine is on. If you step harder, this phenomenon will disappear. This means that your vehicle may malfunction of the clutch disc, misalignment and wear the clutch.

How to fix: Check the clutch and clutch disc, reinstall them in place.

5. There is a sound when stepping on the clutch

– If you step on the clutch and see the sound emanating, the bearing used to disconnect the clutch (T) may be worn out, damaged or lack of grease at this time.

How to fix: Depending on the case, we can replace bearings or add lubricants.

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