Guide to check the car before going away

Guide to check the car before going away

If you want to take a long outing with your car make sure the following components are still working properly.

1. Check the tires

Tires are the first part you need to check because this is the part with the most impact and damage on the car. The smooth and safe ride is directly related to the tire department. Check the tire for tire wear, either with the naked eye or from the readings. Normally, the life expectancy of a tire is about 40,000 – 50,000km, you should be replaced.

Checking the pressure of the tire, whether the tire is too tight or too low will greatly affect the performance and safety of the vehicle. You can use the sensors to measure the tire pressure or with the naked eye. Normally, the appropriate pressure for the top of small and medium-sized vehicles is about 2.2 – 2.5 kg / cm2 and depends on the load and the number of people on the vehicle.

2. Check the spare tire and repair kit

Check and make sure the spare tire on the car is always ready to replace the tire in case of problems on the road such as running out of gas, tires. Accompanying the spare tire is always a common car repair kit attached to the car that is always available and sufficient to serve temporary repair.

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This inspection and preparation will be helpful and make sure you are not tired or waiting for rescue when luckily the car has a tire in the middle of the highway and you can perform the repair of the spare tire by yourself. room to continue operating the vehicle.

3. Lighting system, indicator lights on the vehicle

The lighting system and the lights on the car are directly related to the ability to warn the damage, fault on the vehicle as well as the visibility and control when you drive on the road especially at night. Check to make sure the systems in your vehicle are working properly and that there is no sign of failure.

4. Check the vehicle battery

It is unfortunate that when your car is running in the middle of the highway, the car battery is damaged, causing the vehicle to stall, not being able to operate and supplying power to the vehicle’s components.

Check that the electrodes on the battery and the car battery are still working properly and that nothing will cause damage to the car battery. Check if the water level inside the tank is at a safe level between the Upber and Lower level lines, if it is low, add more water to make it more stable. The battery needs to be replaced if it is damaged or has been used for too long near the expiration date, with a normal battery having a lifespan of 2 to 3 years of use by vehicle, the car battery needs to be replaced.

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5. Water cooling

This is very important for a car on long distances, it directly affects the stability of the engine in continuous operation and long distances if not cooled. When the engine is not cooled and the heat sinks, it is easy to fault and damage in the middle of the road.

Open the bonnet and check that the engine coolant level is still at a guaranteed level. If the cooling water level in the radiator is too low, or has a strange odor and color, replace the cool water in the vehicle to ensure the engine works best to avoid damage in the middle of the road.

6. Engine lubricating oil

Engine oil or lubricant helps the engine and vehicle run smoothly and best, partly helping the car to save fuel and prevent engine wear. If the lubricating oil of the car runs out, you will not imagine any problem with your vehicle, it will cause the engine to heat up quickly and wear it down quickly. Heavy can cause serious damage to the vehicle, bundle the vehicle, and die in the middle of the road.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, check that the engine lubricating oil is still at the required level. If the probe is mostly over with a probe or the oil has a burning smell then you need to change the engine oil to be sure.

7. Power steering oil, brake fluid and brake fluid

The brakes and steering system are especially important when driving, and are directly related to safety when driving and handling situations on the road. Check the two oil boxes of these two systems in the vehicle engine compartment to make sure they remain at a safe level and keep the brakes and steering working smoothly.

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Check the car’s handbrake and disc brake to make sure it still works well for the handling situations on the road. If there are signs of brake damage or brake damage, replace and repair the brake quickly.

8. Glass cleaner and wipers

This is a part that many drivers ignore and do not check. However, it plays a quite important role in helping you improve vision and good vision while driving. If the front windshield is covered with dirt or mud on the road and the wipers are not working, it is dangerous because the driver’s visibility and visibility is limited.

So you need to check the car glass cleaner if it does, add more water to make it work properly. The wipers should be replaced when they are too worn or damaged, to ensure they can work properly and clean the glass, making driving safer.

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