Guide to car exterior car care in the summer

Guide to car exterior car care in the summer

In hot summer weather, if you do not pay attention to the exterior parts of your car, these parts will be easily damaged.

1. Tires and wheels

Tires and wheels are parts that are directly affected by the road surface when operating the vehicle. If you do not pay attention to take care and check this part, the tire will easily tear, explode during the vehicle operation on bad roads and hot pavement. You should pay close attention to regularly check the tire pressure, tire pressure and should change the foam when the car runs about 10,000km in hot weather.

2. Lighting system

According to statistics, the lamp life is only about 1000 hours of lighting in normal conditions, but under hot weather, the lamp life and equipment will affect and decrease. Damaged headlights make driving very dangerous. You should regularly check and replace lights and lighting systems on the car to ensure safety.

3. Window glass and steering wheel

In hot weather, when operating the vehicle, impact outside the steering glass and windows, the glass rings are not sealed and causing glass leaks and damaged noise resistance making the car run louder. To make sure you clean the glass regularly, change the gaskets to avoid dirt and loud noise in the car.

4. Car paint

Running in hot weather causes the paint to wear out and damage, degrade and become hotter and scratch the car’s paint. Care should be taken when washing the car correctly and painting the car to create a protective layer to avoid the wear and damage of the body shell under hot weather.

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