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Water in the car exhaust is the phenomenon of water spilling into the air inlet line of the car, making it easy for cars to die. This causes many inconveniences during the rainy season in Vietnam, and makes many owners have a headache.

Is water in the car exhaust okay?

The phenomenon of water entering a car exhaust is the water overflowing into the car’s air intake. During the rainy season when Vietnam’s roads are congested and heavily flooded, the car stalling in the middle of the road happens quite often.

Water in the car exhaust is okay

Water entering the car exhaust can cause the vehicle to suddenly stall. The force of water overflowing the exhaust section is compressed, causing the pistons that are pressing the high-speed intake air to jet, and consequently deforming the piston and the side arm. What’s worse is that the deflected arm breaks or scratches the cylinder, and the engine block can be punctured if the owner tries to start the engine.

How to avoid water getting into car exhaust in rainy season

In the event that it is imperative to drive through a heavily flooded area, the owner should actively turn off the air conditioner (AC), which can also reduce the chance of water getting into the car exhaust. With manual transmission cars, the driver can change gears to 1, and at the same time run the throttle at a moderate speed to avoid sudden shutdowns. If the car is an automatic transmission vehicle, the owner can handle it by switching to semi-automatic mode and setting the gear to 1.

How to avoid water getting into car exhaust in rainy season

Many car owners, when passing through flooded water, often have the mentality to go fast, and push on the gas pedal. This invisible, in turn, makes the car much more susceptible to water getting into the car exhaust. Because when accelerating strongly, the rate of water spilling into the grille and car exhaust will be higher. In addition, after passing the flood, the owner avoids sudden acceleration, but should keep the speed for a distance before starting to check the rear engine.

How to quickly handle the situation of water in the car exhaust

In the event of a car getting water into the car exhaust and a sudden shutdown, the owner should not rush to restart it to avoid further damage to the car. Get off the car and check the engine oil of the car, when water spills into the engine will cause the engine oil to change color. Quickly unplug the battery connection wire and quickly call for rescue. In the event of assistance, try to remove the vehicle from the floodplain or to the area higher than the flooding point, to avoid passing other vehicles causing the waves to cause more damage.

When preparing to cross a flooded area, check the water level outside the car. Avoid entering floodplains that are more than half a wheel. In a situation of being trapped in a heavy flooded area above the doorstep, avoid opening the car door as this will cause water to overflow and damage electronic components and interior interior. Owners can use windows as an escape route.

Water in the car exhaust is a nightmare of any rider. Therefore, you should be prepared for adverse situations by purchasing car exhaust water insurance for your car. Also keep in mind the handling steps when going through heavy flooding during the rainy season.

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