Essential tools in the car garage

Essential tools in the car garage

Here are the items that every car repair garage should have

1. Air gun shoots snails

Combine with the tube to open the screw. Pneumatic tool for screw opening in conditions requiring great force.

2. Screwdrivers

A full-sized set of screwdrivers will make your job easier.

3. Pliers

Pliers with many different types such as specialized electric pliers, curved pointed pliers, cutting pliers, staplers … used to clamp, cut, pluck the wire is designed to fit, firmly, ensure safety. It is an indispensable item in industrial engineering and repair

4. Wrench

Used to screw, tighten bolts, nuts. Wrench set includes many mouth wrench with different sizes, the mouth and ring head is designed for user convenience.

5. The top of the tube and tightening lever

The tubes with many sizes are attached to the automatic fastening lever suitable for bolting the nuts with strong force, in narrow positions.

6. Pliers of the crow’s beak

Also known as water pliers, specialized in repairing car thermostats

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