Common errors in car ignition system

Common errors in car ignition system

The ignition system is a very important part of an automobile engine. It is responsible for generating electric current strong enough to burn fuel.

1. Broken transformer

Transformer on car ignition system is like a variant, this part is broken often such as short circuit of transformer fire, transformer cap fire, auxiliary resistor fire … Even causing broken cap pressure. When damaged, check for timely replacement to avoid damage to related parts.

2. Broken power splitter

The power divider on the ignition system is responsible for dividing high voltage current according to the working order of the engine in the most accurate way. Therefore, if this part fails it will greatly affect the ignition system and the engine.

Damaged switch can be caused by operation for a long time, causing wear or tear or cracking, broken delco cap by physical impact resulting in voltage leakage, weak ignition. In addition, the gap between the stationary cheek and the unmatched dynamic cheek will reduce the ignition ability, the low-pressure ignition regulator has a membrane gap also causes the ignition system to be timed incorrectly.
The inspection of the splitter needs to do details such as cleaning every detail of the screw, adjusting the rotor clearance as well as replacing damaged parts …

3. Broken spark plugs

Spark plugs used for a long time will lead to damage, affecting the ignition system as well as other systems. Spark plugs often have failures such as broken porcelain spark plugs, electrode wear, sparking spark plugs, improper ignition, soot … If you check the spark plug, you need to replace it immediately so that the car works well and smooth. howl

4. Diagnose errors on ignition system

– Weak spark: When the vehicle has an irregular engine engine, weak engine, excess fuel, carbon black in the spark plug. This means that the fuel has not been completely burned. If you check the spark plug and the spark, when you see the yellow spark, the flat is weak, then make sure the ignition system has a problem.

Low spark means that the high voltage from the splitter to the spark plug is low, most likely due to the fault of the ignition battery pack, maybe also due to a short loop, dirty screw cheeks, making the ignition. is limited. In addition, it is also possible that leakage of high-voltage wire, leakage, electrode wear spark plug, ignition gap on spark plug is too large, dirty spark plug… also cause this error. With this error, you should check spark plug replacement, high voltage wire checking, screw patch cleaning and ignition transformer.
– Ignition too early: If when starting the car, you see the phenomenon of ignition when the gas is high, the load is unstable, the vehicle consumes gas, or overheating, reverse explosion, it is definitely a sign of the ignition too early, leading The pit was pushed up to the benchmark and was pushed down and detonated. This is very harmful to the engine, causing the engine to heat quickly and excess gas being pushed out, causing fuel consumption. This error is often caused by the delco set wrong, the screw gap is too large, so you should check the delco reset and re-adjust the screw gap to be the most accurate and correct.

– Slow ignition: If the car has a slow ignition error, there will be an explosion in the exhaust because the gas is not completely burned, leading to continued burning when the exhaust pipe, causing engine overheating, fuel consumption, gas, can not accelerate. This error also makes it difficult for the engine to start. The cause of this phenomenon is due to the wrong setting of fire, the screw gap is too small, so the correct adjustment should be made to ensure vehicle operation.
In short, with the above errors of car electronic ignition system, it is best to bring your car to a reputable garage for the best technicians to check and repair. Because these are quite complicated parts, quite difficult to do without experience.

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