Common errors in automotive hydraulic power steering systems

Common errors in automotive hydraulic power steering systems

The steering system directly affects the safety of those in the vehicle. Here are some common mistakes you should be aware of in the hydraulic power steering system of a car.

1. Lack of power steering oil

First you should pay attention to the power steering oil, because if you let dirt in or let the oil level below allow, the system will quickly fail. In addition, it is also possible that the pipe is leaking, broken, it is best to add power steering oil or correct it when you see a leak.

2. Loosen the power pump motor drive belt

Open the capo to check the surface of the belt, when you see many cracks in the belt body, about 3 mm apart, then make sure you need to replace the belt immediately.

If the belt slip on the side of the pulley will cause the engine to work but the pump rotates at lower speed, causing heavy steering, hissing noise … With this problem you just need to stretch the belt.

3. The oil distribution valve is damaged

Finally the fault is caused by the oil distribution valve is broken, you can check the oil distribution valve by hitting the steering wheel all the way to the left, then to the right. This test forces the tire pressure to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, so a slight noise can be heard when the steering wheel deviates completely to one side.

If you do not hear, the valve is stuck or faulty, fixing this problem is quite difficult, it’s best to bring your car to a reputable garage or center to be fixed. In addition, dirty steering and suspension links are also the cause of the steering power you need to check and fix.

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