Cause and treatment when the car loses control

Cause and treatment when the car loses control

Losing control is a very dangerous incident while you are traveling on the road. You cannot drive as you like, but stay calm and refer to the following article for the safest handling.

1. The cause of the car losing control

Losing control is when you are unable to steer your vehicle in the right direction. Driving loss stems from 2 main reasons:

  • One is a technical fault of the vehicle (tire explosion, a part of the steering system or related parts is damaged, stuck, the wheel system has not been correctly calibrated …).
  • Second is the driver’s fault in controlling the vehicle (unable to master the speed, unable to master the accelerator, brake pedal, cornering at high speed, on slippery roads …).

2. Reaction when the car loses control

When the vehicle loses control, the vehicle is thrown off the road, you should calmly hold the steering wheel, do not try to steer the vehicle back to the road immediately. At the same time, release the gas to slow down the car and do not depress the brake pedal. Wait for the vehicle to slow down, observe carefully and slowly steer the vehicle back to your side of the road.

3. Prevention is better than anti

To minimize damage on the vehicle that can lead to loss of steering, you should regularly maintain the steering system and related details such as steering wheel, steering rotor, bearings, rubber gaskets, always check pressure. tire capacity, wheel alignment angle …

When driving, do not speed up, overtake, go at the right speed, keep a safe distance from traffic on the road. When going through slippery terrain, wet rain, speed must be reduced, at least 10% of the speed of a sunny day on a straight line, 20% reduction if cornering. On cornering turns, use the cornering slash as much as you can to reduce the corner. When traveling on a hilly road with many sleeve bends, you must drive against the mountain side, slow down when cornering with the road surface inclined to the ta-lute (the cliff side). when the vehicle skid, increase the safe distance with the vehicle in front.

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