Cause a car engine is hot

Cause a car engine is hot

There are many reasons that can cause your car’s engine to overheat, you need to know the most basic reasons to be able to protect your car’s engine.

1. The car engine coolant is too dirty

Because the radiator is too dirty for a long time and not clean, rinsing it causes the tank to become dirty and heat loss of the vehicle engine is not guaranteed from this unit. You should pay attention to regularly check and clean the vehicle engine coolant radiator periodically to ensure that there are no errors that cause the engine to overheat and faulty, affecting the operation of the vehicle.

2. Lack of engine oil

Engine oil helps to operate and work the engine parts more smoothly, reducing the friction formed between the pitons and the cylinders during cleaning. When the car lacks an old or inefficient oil or oil, the engine will overheat quickly and overheat, which can lead to severe engine damage. Check and make sure the car oil is replaced periodically and that the engine oil quantity is sufficient. Normally, you should change the oil when the car is about 3,000km or 500 hours of driving time.

3. The drive belts are too tight or overlapping

A strain or excessive overlap in the engine’s transmission system is also a cause of overheating of a car engine. Check and replace the transmission belts of the car engine to correct this.

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4. The thermostat valve is stuck

The thermostatic valve in the vehicle engine cooling system helps to shorten the warm-up time of the engine by regulating the water passing through the radiator and reducing the hot engine temperature. When the unit is jammed, the cool water in the radiator will cool the engine more slowly, causing the engine to overheat. You need to check to fix it when the thermostat valve is stuck to help the engine cool better.

5. Fan failure

The fan element speeds up the circulation of air passing through the cooling system radiator so that the engine is cooled and keeps heat to prevent the engine from overheating during operation. When the blower fails and the engine’s cooling efficiency is reduced, check your system and blower to make sure and correct the problem.

6. The cooling water hose is damaged

A hole or damage in the cool water pipes from the tank to the engine engine compartment will cause the coolant to not circulate and the cooling of the radiator will lose its effect, causing the engine to operate quickly. Check cool water pipes from the radiator and replace broken pipes.

7. Lack of cooling water

This is also a very common cause when the engine overheats. Check regularly and make sure the cooling system has adequate amount of coolant in the radiator to cool the engine effectively.

8. Air filter dirty, damaged

Damaged or dirty car engine air filters can also cause the engine to overheat due to a lack of air in the combustion chamber and incomplete combustion of fuel causing the engine to overheat. Please pay attention to clean or replace the new air filter for the car to ensure the engine works more efficiently.

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