Car parts often break down in hot weather

Car parts often break down in hot weather

In the summer when the weather becomes hotter, you need to pay more attention to maintain the parts of your car. Because when the temperature increases, along with the vehicle’s operation, some parts of the vehicle will malfunction and fail.

1. Vehicle fluids

Certainly, when the outdoor temperature rises, the engine will run hotter than usual, along with functions such as air conditioning and vehicle cooling to work harder. And of course, the auxiliary fluids for the car such as coolant, car oil, driving oil, brake fluid … must be consumed more than the normal specified. If you do not pay attention to check and replace these auxiliary fluids for the car and still run as usual, it is easy to cause serious damage to the vehicle.

2. Tires

Tires are affected by frictional wear while running as well as outside temperatures. There are many cases where it is dangerous to run a car in the hot sun and the car has a tire explosion. To prevent this from happening and keep the tires in good working order, you should check the tires regularly, avoid over-inflating the tires while running as well as worn tires.

3. The pipes and ropes on the vehicle

Often zippers and pipes for water, steam, zippers are made of rubber material, so they are very soft and uncomfortable with high temperatures when moving. You should pay attention to check these parts to avoid damage causing system damage to the vehicle.

4. Vehicle battery

The car battery is a very important part to be able to operate and start the car in a good way. When the temperature is too hot, it easily causes the battery to die due to high temperature evaporation, the reaction in the battery takes place quickly and wears out liquids. Half of the temperature is too high and running hot can cause the battery damage, electrical impulses cause battery fire, you should pay attention to this part of the car.

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